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Sandstorm hits again, talk about the necessity of installing dust monitoring system

by:Rika Sensors     2021-10-08
Sandstorm hits again, talk about the necessity of installing dust monitoring system

In the recent period, northern my country has been frequently attacked by sandstorms from Mongolia. According to satellite remote sensing observations, on the morning of March 27, affected by the Mongolian cyclone, a large-scale sandstorm again occurred in Mongolia. As the dust gradually moved southward, many places in my country issued orange warnings.

Sandstorm weather is a very harsh natural phenomenon in the natural environment, which is very harmful to the human body. Generally speaking, the weather gradually warms in spring, the function of the human body's circulatory system is strengthened, the blood supply of the skin increases, and the secretion of sweat glands also increases. Symptoms such as dry throat and thirst often occur in itself.

The dust pollution caused by sandstorms and other factors will aggravate the surface water loss of the skin, and the skin will become rough due to lack of water. The nasal mucosa will also become dry and weakened. It is easy to have tiny cracks and cause germs to enter the body. . Therefore, in order to reduce the impact of sandstorms on people's lives, we must monitor the environment through a dust monitoring system.

Flying dust monitoring system

Based on the actual needs of environmental monitoring, an online monitoring solution for fugitive dust has been launched. It uses modern science and technology to objectively, scientifically and accurately quantify and evaluate the degree of fugitive dust emission. It is an urban environment. Urban management, the first choice for large-scale industrial and mining enterprises to monitor the concentration of fugitive dust emissions, is also an important basis for environmental protection, construction, urban management, transportation, municipal and other related departments to control and evaluate the source of air pollution suspended particulate emissions.

Composition of the fugitive dust online monitoring system

The fugitive dust online monitoring system is composed of four parts: the fugitive dust monitor, the transmission system, the fugitive dust monitoring platform and the sprinkler system.

(1) The dust monitor can monitor various environmental factors such as PM2.5, PM10, ambient temperature and humidity, wind speed and direction, noise, etc. in the on-site environment; it has video monitoring and video capture of pollutants exceeding the standard, poisonous and harmful Various functions such as gas detection;

(2) Transmission system: The dust detector provides free docking service with the government platform. As long as the customer provides the government platform docking agreement (the local government platform will provide it), the technical staff will confirm whether the docking is possible, and after the docking is confirmed, the government platform can be docked for free.

(3) Dust monitoring platform: In addition to uploading data to the supervision department, you can also log in to the monitoring cloud platform provided. The monitoring function of the sub-station and the alarm processing, recording, query, statistics, report output and other functions of the data.

(4) Sprinkler system: It can be intelligently linked with fog cannons according to site requirements; the dust monitoring system reserves a linkage interface, which can be linked to fog cannons for free to reduce air pollution particles in the first time.

In order to reduce the impact of dust pollution and dust weather on the health of the people, in addition to the necessary dust monitoring, the following matters should be noted:

1. The media has increased the publicity of air pollution protection knowledge, sand and dust storms. Take protective measures when the public goes out under strong wind and dust, and reduce outdoor activities for sensitive people.

2. All localities strengthen the control of dust pollution in neighborhoods, construction sites, and enterprise factories. During the daytime, water and dust can be properly sprayed on the surface of street landscape vegetation and street floors, and fog cannons and other areas of construction sites can be implemented to humidify and suppress dust. measure.

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