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[Science] Principle and Application of Evaporation Sensor

by:Rika Sensors     2021-09-09
[Science] Principle and Application of Evaporation Sensor
China has a vast territory, complex topography, and climate characteristics vary greatly from place to place. However, climate changes in different regions are still consistent in the context of global warming. For example, evaporation in most areas of my country is on the rise as a whole. Evaporation is a component of surface heat balance and water balance, and is also one of the most directly affected by land use and climate change in the water cycle. At the same time, evaporation is also an important part of heat exchange. Factor.

What is evaporation? What is evaporation?

The process of water changing from liquid or solid to gaseous state and escaping into the atmosphere is called evaporation. Evaporation refers to the amount of water that evaporates and spreads into the air within a certain period of time. It is usually expressed in millimeters of the thickness of the evaporated water layer, and the amount of water evaporation on the water surface or soil.

The impact of evaporation on people is mainly concentrated in agricultural production and life. The study of changes in evaporation is very important for understanding climate change and discussing the law of water cycle changes. In practice, it has important guiding significance for water conservancy engineering design, soil improvement in agriculture, forestry and animal husbandry, soil moisture regulation, irrigation quota formulation, research on water resources, and climate zoning.

Evaporation sensor

As mentioned above, evaporation is an important meteorological parameter in agricultural production, but evaporation is invisible and intangible. How to calculate it quantitatively? Below, I will use the evaporation sensor to answer it for you.

1. The principle and definition of the evaporation sensor

The evaporation sensor is a sensor used to sense the changes in water surface evaporation. It can observe the changes of water surface evaporation in different time periods. Seed cultivation, agriculture and forestry, geological survey, scientific research and other fields. It can be used with data collection and transmission devices to realize automatic monitoring of the evaporation process, and can also be combined with data collection and storage devices (recorders) to realize automatic storage of evaporation data, and can also be used with rainfall sensors, data collection and transmission devices, etc. Use to realize automatic observation and remote transmission of evaporation and rainfall processes. In addition, it can be used as a component of equipment such as rainfall stations, evaporation stations, weather stations, and environmental monitoring stations to observe 'water surface evaporation

2. Significance of evaporation research

The study of evaporation changes is of great significance for in-depth understanding of climate change and the discussion of changes in the water cycle. And the evaporation sensor is indispensable in any advanced irrigation system, which can prevent continuous irrigation under bad weather conditions such as wind, rain or sufficiently moist soil, so as to achieve intelligent management.

In terms of reality, it has important guiding significance for water conservancy engineering design, soil improvement in agriculture, forestry and animal husbandry, soil moisture regulation, irrigation quota formulation, research on water resources, and climate zoning.

3. The working principle of the evaporation sensor

The evaporation sensor adopts the pressure measurement principle. The evaporation is measured by measuring the change in the weight of the liquid in the evaporating dish, and then calculating the height of the page. Evaporation sensor can adapt to water surface evaporation measurement in various environments, is not affected by liquid icing, and overcomes the inaccurate measurement during icing that occurs when the ultrasonic principle is used to measure the height of the liquid level, the sensor is easily damaged when there is no water, and the measurement accuracy is low And other drawbacks.

In agriculture, if irrigation is an income item for farmland water balance, then evaporation is the main expenditure item for water balance. It is for planning water storage and water supply, designing drought prevention and drought resistance measures, etc. Important basis, an important indicator for identifying crop water supply conditions. The amount of water evaporation affects the planting system, cultivation measures and crop growth conditions. Through the evaporation sensor to understand the local water evaporation, use the data to improve the water use efficiency, timely replenish water or stop irrigation, to provide protection for crop growth.

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