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Selection skills of temperature and humidity sensors and application notes

by:Rika Sensors     2021-09-07
Temperature and humidity are closely related to people's lives, and attention to temperature and humidity gave birth to the integrated temperature and humidity sensor. When choosing a temperature and humidity sensor, you need to pay attention to the selection of measurement range and measurement accuracy; at the same time, you must also consider key factors such as time drift and temperature drift. In addition, the humidity sensor is not hermetically sealed. In order to protect the accuracy and stability of the measurement, it should be avoided as far as possible in acidic, alkaline and organic solvent-containing atmospheres.

Price-performance ratio: When choosing a temperature and humidity meter, it is better not to consider the low price. It should be selected based on the comprehensive price and performance. This includes price, life, maintenance, and calibration costs. Verification: The method of verification and whether it is easy to make should be considered, even if you do not need high-precision results. For instruments that are convenient for on-site and in-situ calibration, you will save your workload.

Rugged and durable: The sensor and housing of the hygrometer should consider whether it can withstand condensation, dryness, extreme temperature, dust, chemical, or other pollution.

Quality reliability and average life expectancy: When the quality is not good, you can start from the overall impression to examine the quality appraisal and factory standards, and examine the manufacturer’s history, reputation, market share and application. The products are better than ordinary products, professional The manufacturer’s products are better than those of the other manufacturer, and consulting other users is also a good way.

Adaptability: When the use situation is not single, consider the adaptability of the instrument.

Replaceability: It is generally hoped that the hygrometer can be used interchangeably or other probes to match your host. Maintenance: Investigate the time requirements for regular cleaning, renewal, and replacement of the hygrometer.

Spare: Spare parts are indispensable to most users. Check whether the supplier can easily provide the required spare parts on time.

After-sales service: Is there a guarantee, maintenance and service agreement? Choosing a suitable temperature and humidity measuring instrument will provide you with work efficiency, reduce workload, and bring benefits to you and your production.

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