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Sensors in the wisdom of agriculture

by:Rika Sensors     2020-08-21
With the development of society, science and technology productive technology, have sprung up a lot of new agricultural technology, the traditional agriculture gradually in the direction of the wisdom of agricultural development, agricultural production has changed dramatically. For example, through the inside of the greenhouse and its supporting facilities to control environmental conditions on crop production. This wisdom agricultural production how this is done? First of all by the sensor. Sensor is how to play a role?

in recent years, with the development of intelligent agriculture, precision agriculture, intellisense chip, remote control systems such as the Internet of things technology in the application of modern agriculture gradually widened. In monitoring crop irrigation, soil, air change, corral environmental conditions and large areas of the earth's surface detection, collect the temperature, humidity, wind, atmospheric, rainfall, the soil moisture, soil NPK content and pH value size of data, sensing technology is wisdom agricultural development plays a more and more important role in the process, so as to realize scientific monitoring, rational planting, helping agricultural disaster, disaster reduction, improving agricultural comprehensive benefits, promote the transformation and upgrading of modern agriculture.

in the field of intelligent agriculture greenhouse cultivation, the Internet of things technology accurately to caress the crop seedling. In this process, soil temperature, soil moisture, air temperature, air humidity, CO2 concentration sensor devices, such as physical parameters testing environment, through the system platform, the parameters of the real-time monitoring to the variables are reflected in the automatic control process, optimal growth environment for crops.

sensor applications throughout the wisdom agriculture fields. Besides farming, aquaculture, dissolved oxygen, PH, turbidity, water temperature, ammonia nitrogen, residual chlorine and other sensors, the data collected can be analyzed in the breeding of aquatic products of phase, the relationship between the length and weight of breeding environment factors and bait nutrient absorption ability, the relationship between the intake, etc. , and a detailed analysis, reasonable cultivation; Livestock and poultry breeding industry, CO2, ammonia, hydrogen sulfide, noise, dust and other sensors to monitor the breeding field of environmental information, and remote control related equipment through the data analysis results, the corral farming environment to achieve the best condition, realize scientific breeding, disease 'income reduction goals.

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