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Significance of installing rainfall monitoring system

by:Rika Sensors     2021-09-25
Significance of installing rainfall monitoring system

The common monitoring elements in the environment include temperature and humidity, wind speed and direction, rainfall, atmospheric pollutants, etc. The changes in these meteorological factors will affect people’s production and life, so use the corresponding intelligent environmental monitoring system to Monitoring meteorological factors has a certain significance.

What we are going to talk about today is the intelligent environmental system for monitoring rainfall-the rainfall monitoring system.

The rainfall monitoring system is composed of a rainfall weather station, solar power supply system, and network communication technology. It can record rainfall data in real time and ensure that the data will not be modified. It is a hydrological station, environmental protection, agriculture, forestry and other departments. Provide previous original rainfall data.

Rainfall weather station measures rainwater parameters with tipping bucket rain gauge; tipping bucket rain gauge is a special instrument for monitoring and recording rainfall parameters. Using tipping bucket rain gauge to monitor rainfall has an important impact on people’s production and life . For example:

The monitoring of rainfall has a certain guiding effect on agricultural irrigation. You can measure rainfall by using a tipping bucket rain gauge to formulate reasonable irrigation measures;

Freezing rain in autumn and winter can cause slippery roads and affect road safety. The tipping bucket rain gauge can monitor rainfall information, report weather conditions in time, and remind people to pay attention to road conditions and prepare for rain when traveling.

To sum up, the tipping bucket rain gauge has important applications in production and life. What are the features of the tipping bucket rain gauge?

Tipping bucket rain gauge

Rain gauge is also called rain recorder, rain gauge, rain gauge. It is the most basic meteorological detection instrument. Meteorological departments use it to monitor and measure rainfall. Rainfall and rainfall intensity, common siphon rain gauges, tipping bucket rain gauges and weighing rain gauges. Because the tipping bucket rain gauge is easy to carry and install, and the data is relatively accurate, it is widely used in weather monitoring.

1. The composition of the tipping bucket rain gauge

The tipping bucket rain gauge is a remote rain measurement instrument composed of a sensor and a signal recorder. The sensor is a rain-bearing port , Water diversion funnel, tipping bucket, angle adjustment device, level adjustment device, level adjustment device, dry reed pipe, etc.; recorder is composed of constant magnetic steel, drainage funnel, signal output terminal, control circuit board, etc.

2 The working principle of the tipping bucket rain gauge

The working principle of the tipping bucket rain gauge is: rainwater enters the water receiver from the uppermost rain port, falls into the water diversion funnel, and passes through the funnel. The mouth flows into the tipping bucket. When the accumulated water reaches a certain height (such as 0.1 mm), the tipping bucket loses its balance and overturns; when the water is poured out, as the rainfall continues, the tipping bucket will be flipped left and right, and the number of flipping buckets will be turned into an electrical signal by the contact switch. , Send it to the recorder, read the precipitation data on the cumulative counter and self-recording clock, so that the rain process can be measured back and forth.

The composition of rainfall monitoring system

The rainfall monitoring system is composed of rainfall weather station, solar power supply system, and network communication technology.

Rainfall weather station: In addition to the tipping bucket rain gauge, the rainfall weather station can also choose to install wind speed and direction sensors or shutter boxes.

Solar power supply system: When the rainfall monitoring system is used in the field, forest fire prevention, mountain flood monitoring and other occasions where there is no mains power supply, it can be equipped with 60W solar panels and lead storage batteries for power supply. In a sunny day, the lead-acid battery can be fully charged in 7.5h, and the fully-charged lead-acid battery can work for seven days in continuous rainy and cloudy days.

Network communication technology: The rainfall monitoring system uploads data to the data center through wired, GPRS, Ethernet and other communication methods. The system can track and record the whole process, integrate data collection, recording and storage, and has remote diagnosis and control functions. When the monitoring station is in sleep state, the center can wake up the monitoring station at any time to collect data, read data or modify configuration information; Supports multiple central working modes; it is more convenient to view data through the cloud platform, such as curve viewing period rainfall, daily rainfall, monthly rainfall, and annual rainfall. Historical data can also be downloaded, printed and exported to a computer, and stored as an EXCEL table file for easy research And check.

The amount of precipitation will greatly affect human production and life and other fields. If there is too much precipitation, it will cause natural disasters such as floods, landslides, mudslides, etc., as well as great economic losses and inconveniences to human production and life; if there is too little precipitation, it will increase domestic water, farmland irrigation water, and factory water. The contradiction; causing land salinization or land desertification and so on. The significance of installing a rainfall monitoring system is to integrate the past rainfall data in time and make adjustments to reduce the harm caused by rainfall.

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