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Six precautions for the installation and maintenance of agricultural weather stations

by:Rika Sensors     2021-09-29
Six precautions for the installation and maintenance of agricultural weather stations
The development of agro-meteorological monitoring work provides a basic guarantee for agricultural production. With the widespread use of agro-meteorological stations, the use of advanced information technology advantages to achieve efficient collection and transmission of meteorological data has greatly improved the meteorological parameters While collecting efficiency, it also faces the problems of installation and maintenance.

The installation and maintenance of agricultural weather stations need to pay attention to the following six points: selection of installation location of agricultural weather stations, selection of power supply methods, regular calibration of agricultural weather stations, technical after-sales guarantee, regular maintenance of agricultural weather stations, weather station data security .

1. Selection of the installation location of agro-meteorological station:

If the agro-meteorological station wants to have a proper meteorological monitoring effect, the installation location of the equipment needs special attention.

1. Agricultural weather stations are generally unmanned. Therefore, the location of agricultural weather stations should be selected in a place with convenient transportation to facilitate management and supervision. And for the sake of safety, the choice of location should also ensure that the surrounding environment is relatively safe, otherwise it is easy to cause accidental damage to the weather station. The selection of agro-meteorological station should also consider the reasonable layout and whether the construction site has the characteristics of local agro-climate. The use of agricultural weather stations for monitoring with obvious climatic characteristics will be more representative.

2. The installation of an agro-meteorological station needs to ensure that the surrounding area is open and cannot be blocked by buildings or trees. In addition, since the agro-meteorological station itself relies on sensor equipment, the sensor itself is relatively sensitive. In order to ensure the accuracy of the monitoring results, it should be kept away Areas with high radiation and strong magnetic fields, such as transformers, high-voltage electricity, etc.

Second, power supply selection: agro-meteorological station has two types: solar power supply and city power supply. Solar power supply is composed of electric solar batteries and solar panels. It is suitable for applications in places where power supply is inconvenient in the field; however, there will be power outages in the city power. Therefore, when used in agricultural parks, in order to ensure the continuity of meteorological observations, We'd better choose an agro-meteorological station with both mains and solar power supply methods.

3. Regular calibration of agricultural weather station equipment: The staff in the automatic weather station shall check and calibrate the observation instruments in time to ensure the normal operation of the automatic weather station and the accuracy of the monitoring data. In addition, we must also pay attention to the supervision and repair of monitoring instruments, and appropriately back up some important monitoring instruments to avoid data loss caused by the shutdown of the weather station due to instrument failure.

In order to ensure the normal operation of the weather station and the accuracy of the equipment, it is necessary to periodically send the weather station data to the relevant departments for calibration and verification, so as to avoid problems with the accuracy of the equipment and cause losses in agricultural production.

4. Technical after-sales guarantee: The automatic weather station is unattended. Once the automatic weather station has a problem, it needs skilled maintenance personnel to repair the automatic weather station. When there is a failure in daily use and the data cannot be transmitted, maintenance personnel can be dispatched to repair in time. The maintenance personnel should have relatively superb maintenance skills and have an understanding of the knowledge of agricultural meteorological stations. When a simple problem occurs in the automatic weather station, the equipment can be repaired to ensure the completeness and accuracy of the automatic weather station data monitoring; when a complicated problem occurs, it can effectively communicate with the manufacturer's technical support.

V. Daily protective measures for agrometeorological stations:

After the establishment of agrometeorological stations, the daily protective measures for the equipment of agrometeorological stations are also an element that needs to be considered. The safety protection measures for the monitoring instruments of the agrometeorological station The main tasks include:

One is to keep the surface of the collector tidy; the other is to keep the weather station and its surroundings clean and tidy; the third is to check whether the rain barrel is firm or not; the fourth is to clean the temperature and humidity sensor with soft Brushes and other soft objects; Fifth, to ensure that the air pressure sensor is unblocked; Sixth, the computer terminal of the special agricultural weather station should be disinfected frequently, and the data of the weather station should be backed up.

6. Weather station data security

The data security of weather stations is also the main reason that affects meteorological work. Only by ensuring the efficient collection and timely transmission of meteorological data can the authenticity and effectiveness of meteorological data be guaranteed. Form accurate weather forecasting and management. Agro-meteorological stations are generally unattended and have a complex working environment, which is susceptible to external influences and poses a threat to data security. At the same time, with the advent of the Internet age, data needs to be transmitted through network channels, facing the impact of network security threats, and it is easy to be damaged and tampered during the transmission and processing of data, and the computer terminals of weather stations are vulnerable to viruses, The threat of malicious network access and improper handling will have a serious impact on data security.

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