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Six Questions about Dust Monitoring | Those questions you care about have answers

by:Rika Sensors     2021-10-19
Six Questions about Dust Monitoring | Those questions you care about have answers
In order to let more people know about 'FangdustSo this article will summarize the issues that most people are more interested in.

①The relationship between flying dust and PM2.5

Our intuitive understanding of flying dust is that it is 'ashThe primary factor of effect. At the same time, fine dust particles contain PM2.5.

It is reported that the contribution rate of Beijing’s dust sources to local PM2.5 is about 16%, which is the second largest source of PM2.5 emissions in the city in addition to vehicle emissions.

②How does the fugitive dust occur?

Generally, fugitive dust is generated during construction, bare land, production and labor, vehicle driving, and personnel walking. Of course, construction fugitive dust is a relatively large source, and The main source of dust pollution. The second is the road dust, and the dust generated by the bare ground under the influence of wind or human activities.

Further back to the source, the natural effects of dust and the causes of human activities are both, and human activities are currently the main force. However, the impact of dust caused by human activities can also be reduced in terms of human action. This is what we often call dust control.

③The so-called 'dust fall'

Many people have a little understanding of the [dust fall] mentioned in the process of dust pollution control, but it is better to understand the literal meaning when it comes to the 'dust fall amount' mentioned in the process of dust pollution control. Some. In fact, it's just a difference in expression.

Both the control level and the control index need a specific value, and the amount of dustfall is a comprehensive indicator reflecting the degree of dust pollution. For example, the basic data of '6 tons per square kilometer per month' in [Fang Dust 'Question'] means that the mass of naturally deposited particulate matter per square kilometer in that month is 6 tons, which is converted to per square meter per day. 0.2 grams of dust fell on it.

In addition to this indicator, coarse particulate matter (TSP), dust residual monitoring, dust load monitoring, etc. are also considered as monitoring indicators for the level of fugitive dust pollution.

Coarse particulate matter (TSP)-refers to the particulate matter suspended in the air with an aerodynamic equivalent diameter of less than or equal to 100 microns.

Road dust load-refers to the dust with a particle size of less than 75 microns raised from the road surface when the vehicle is running normally.

In these indicators, there will be some differences in different places.

④Those things about dust control

First of all, we must remind again that we find that there are problems such as construction dust, muck trucks scattered around, and dust from bare ground, which can be directly reported to the local department.

As for which department is in charge of the dust investigation?

In terms of administrative law enforcement, the urban management law enforcement department conducts law enforcement inspections on the dust problems existing on the construction site, and files and penalizes related violations of the dust.

In terms of industry management, the dust problems in housing construction, municipal administration, transportation, water affairs, landscaping and other industries are managed by the corresponding industry authorities, mainly through deadline rectification, suspension of bidding, public exposure and blacklisting Implement industry penalties in such forms.

The road dust is led by the city management department, and centralized management is implemented according to different types of roads.

The bare land dust is mainly managed by the local township government and sub-district office.

No matter who is in charge, the dust control methods are basically inseparable from cleaning and cleaning, spraying water, planting and covering, soil solidification and dust suppression, etc., and transportation vehicles need to be leak-proof and clean in and out of the field.

Currently, construction dust is the major goal of management and control, and the '6 percent' requirement is the foundation:

100% enclosure around the construction site; 100% coverage of material stacking; 100% washing of incoming and outgoing vehicles; construction The site ground is 100% hardened; the demolition site is 100% wet-processed; the muck vehicle is 100% enclosed for transportation.

In a word, no matter what form of dust pollution, extensive supervision is definitely not feasible. Close control and strict control of all links are the general trend. Otherwise, the dust pollution will also touch the environmental legal provisions and see the truth in administrative penalties.

⑤What is the use of the dust monitoring system?

The dust monitoring system is online 24 hours a day, real-time monitoring of environmental parameters such as temperature, humidity, noise, PM2.5, PM10, wind force, wind direction, wind speed, atmospheric pressure, TSP, etc. The test data of each test point is directly through wireless communication Upload to the environmental monitoring cloud platform and the monitoring platform of the environmental protection department. The real-time tracking and monitoring system returns data for rapid processing, and the construction site exceeds the predetermined emission value of the real-time alarm. It greatly saves the monitoring cost of the environmental protection department and improves the monitoring efficiency. Online real-time dust detection, automatic control, and sound and light alarm output functions. When the PM value reaches the set limit, the fog cannon is automatically activated, and the dust spraying measures in the on-site environment are atomized to achieve linkage.

⑥In the face of dust pollution, what can we do?

Because the dust will directly affect the cleanliness of the city, the vulnerable areas need to do some dust protection work to maintain the comfort and cleanliness of the living environment.

For example, in terms of indoor hygiene, you can clean up the dust regularly, and you can prepare masks, gauze and other items to cover your mouth and nose in places with heavy dust outdoors. For serious dust pollution, prompt reporting is encouraged, especially on construction sites where dust suppression measures are missing or not in place.

The above is the Qu0026A of the editor. Is the question you want to know in it?

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