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Smart agricultural environment monitoring system, to help you realize 'freedom to grow vegetables'

by:Rika Sensors     2021-09-20
Smart agricultural environment monitoring system, to help you realize 'freedom to grow vegetables'
On May 15, 2021, the Tianwen-1 Zhurong rover successfully landed on Mars. At this historic moment, the front row of Zhurong Weibo turned out to be 'Can you grow vegetables?'

, Has become a love carved in the bones of Chinese people.

There are vegetable gardens to grow vegetables, and there is no vegetable garden to create a vegetable garden; even if there is only a brick gap, you can plant it with a little soil; there is really no way, surfing the Internet and looking for a farm to grow a wave of giant melons... China The place where people grow vegetables is not limited to the one-acre three-quarters of land around them. There have been busy Chinese people growing vegetables in Antarctica and space. Even the return of Changwu, Zhu Rongdeng on Mars, and diamonds under Saturn can not stop the Chinese from wanting to understand. They are curious about whether they can grow vegetables.

Netizens also ridiculed: The end of Chinese technology is to grow vegetables. In order to be able to grow vegetables better and produce more delicious vegetables, Internet +, big data, cloud computing, Internet of Things, and expert technology and knowledge are gradually applied to agricultural planting, forming an intelligent agricultural environmental monitoring system .

The agricultural sensors commonly used in smart agricultural environmental monitoring systems mainly include temperature and humidity sensors, soil pH sensors, gas sensors, light sensors, and insect detection instruments. It can realize the monitoring of temperature, humidity, light intensity, insect situation, etc., and transmit the monitoring data to the farmland monitoring platform in real time, so that the manager can understand the seedling situation, water and fertilizer, and the situation of diseases and insect pests in time based on the data, improve agricultural production efficiency, and increase farmers' income To ensure food security.

So how does the smart agricultural environment monitoring system gain a firm foothold in the hearts of Chinese people who are keen to grow vegetables in various environments?

1. Real-time weather monitoring

In crop planting, the output depends largely on the environment, and the environment itself is unstable. The smart agricultural environment monitoring system can remind managers of changing weather conditions through meteorological monitoring, including factors such as temperature, precipitation, humidity, solar radiation and wind speed, and can send effective meteorological data to farmland monitoring platforms and smart phones to enable them Able to act immediately.

2. Reasonable irrigation and fertilization

Soil condition is an important indicator to help managers determine the appropriate planting environment and growth environment. Through the intelligent agricultural environmental monitoring system to monitor the soil condition of the farmland soil, the manager can receive the relevant soil moisture, salinity, nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, and soil temperature in time, and analyze it, so that the manager can reasonably plan the watering and fertilization time. Improve the rational use of agricultural resources and ensure the rapid growth of crops.

3. Remote monitoring and control

The smart agricultural environment monitoring system can not only save manpower, automate control, but also realize remote monitoring. The temperature, humidity, illuminance, carbon dioxide, soil temperature, humidity, nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium and other data information in the agricultural planting environment can be displayed on the background computer.

The intelligent agricultural environmental monitoring system enables the Chinese who like to grow vegetables to use as few resources as possible, scientifically and rationally plant and raise agricultural products, and realize the freedom of vegetables.

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