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Smart agriculture helps increase production and income of agricultural products

by:Rika Sensors     2021-11-10
Smart agriculture helps increase production and income of agricultural products
Temperature, humidity, light intensity, soil pH, carbon dioxide content, etc. will affect the growth and yield of crops. With the continuous development of smart agriculture, these uncontrollable factors that previously affected the growth of crops will slow down with the popularity of smart agriculture Slowly becomes controllable, which has a positive effect on the yield and quality of agricultural products.

Temperature control

In various environmental conditions, the response of crops to temperature is the most sensitive. All kinds of crops have their own 'three basic points of temperatureGood growth, and vegetables like spinach, green onions, garlic, and cabbage are not heat resistant and are hardy vegetables. Now, we can use the temperature sensor to control the temperature in the greenhouse, so that we can eat watermelon and other off-season fruits and vegetables in the cold winter.

Humidity control

Moisture and air are two important factors for root development, but there is a contradiction between them. When there is more water, it takes up the pores of the soil, and the air decreases. The soil is dry, and there is less water in the soil, and there is more air. When the soil moisture is too dry, it is easy to promote the root plugging and self-thinning; too much moisture will inhibit the respiration of the roots, resulting in stalling or rot and death. At the same time, too much soil moisture will squeeze out the soil oxygen, leading to anoxic death of the root system, and at the same time affecting soil aeration. Moreover, different plants have different requirements for water. By using soil moisture sensors, the water in the soil can be monitored in time and intervened in time to ensure that the plant roots breathe normally.

Light monitoring

Light mainly affects the photosynthesis of plants. Only when the light intensity exceeds the light compensation point of the plant can the plant accumulate organic matter. When the light intensity increases, the plant accumulates more organic matter. When the light intensity exceeds the light saturation point, the light will increase and the photosynthetic intensity will no longer increase. When the light is too strong, the light will close the stomata of the plant, which will weaken photosynthesis, cause photoinhibition, and even decompose plant chlorophyll or even burn the plant Cells endanger the normal growth and development of plants. Use the illuminance sensor to monitor the illuminance, understand the plant's light information in time, and effectively intervene to keep the crop's light in the appropriate range.

Soil pH

If the soil is acidic or alkaline, it will reduce the availability of soil nutrients to varying degrees. It is difficult to form a good soil structure, severely inhibit the activity of soil microorganisms, and may also cause heavy metal poisoning. Thereby affecting the growth and development of various crops. Using soil pH sensors can monitor the pH of the soil, understand the soil content and carry out timely treatment to meet the growth and development of various crops.

Carbon dioxide content

Carbon dioxide has an impact on the photosynthesis, respiration, transpiration and stress resistance of plants during growth. First of all, carbon dioxide is used as the raw material for photosynthesis of plants, and the concentration of carbon dioxide should be appropriately increased to increase the photosynthesis of plants. The effect is enhanced, and the synthetic organics increase. As the concentration of carbon dioxide increases, the respiration of plants is weakened, and the consumption of plants is reduced. In general, elevated carbon dioxide concentration is beneficial to the rapid growth of plants, but plants have different tolerance to carbon dioxide concentration. Excessive carbon dioxide concentration can cause plant death. Therefore, appropriate carbon dioxide concentration should be set according to plant species. We can use a carbon dioxide sensor to monitor the carbon dioxide content in the air, and then adjust the appropriate carbon dioxide concentration in time according to different plants.

The monitoring of temperature, humidity, light, soil pH, and carbon dioxide content is currently the most popular application of smart agriculture in my country. I believe that in the near future, we can improve agricultural personnel through agricultural big data and artificial intelligence technologies. Use information and knowledge level and management decision-making ability.

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