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Smart Agriculture Solution

by:Rika Sensors     2021-11-05
Smart Agriculture Solution
At present, my country’s traditional agriculture is facing many difficulties. Every flood, drought, and these natural disasters are nightmares. Not only that, but the problems of water and soil pollution, backward farming equipment, and increased crop planting costs have seriously affected The economic income of farmers is also a stumbling block in the long-term development of agriculture.

Faced with these challenges, we have also made corresponding changes in traditional planting, improved crop planting methods, and vigorously developed environmentally friendly, safe, efficient, intelligent, and recyclable environmentally friendly ecological planting models. At the same time, it is also actively exploring the layout of modern agricultural planting and realizing the transformation from traditional agriculture to intelligent agriculture. The intelligent planting model of 'Internet + agriculture' will be the future development trend.

'Internet + agriculture' smart agriculture model

In recent years, with the rapid development of my country's Internet of Things, artificial intelligence, big data, smart equipment and other fields, and various key applications in the field of agricultural planting Technological progress has been made by leaps and bounds, transforming my country's agricultural industry to intelligent, digital, efficient and precise directions.

Smart agriculture solution

Smart agriculture is based on the actual needs of agriculture, animal husbandry and forestry production and the development status of modern networks, using top-level design, unified planning, building a unified resource data system, a unified platform, and implemented by departments , Sub-system construction, providing unified integrated services, unified operation and maintenance, comprehensive application of modern information technologies such as the Internet, mobile Internet, cloud computing, Internet of Things, intelligent control, intelligent decision-making, precision agriculture, satellite remote sensing, etc.

Smart agriculture is a hierarchical heterogeneous sensor network monitoring system suitable for agricultural environments. It is mainly used in farmland, greenhouses, greenhouses, orchards, warehouses and other agricultural environments for agricultural environmental monitoring, plant ecological monitoring, etc., including Monitoring the storage and preservation environment of crops, such as related soil moisture content, temperature, air temperature and humidity, light intensity, pH value of irrigation water, salinity, ammonia nitrogen content, etc. Through these monitoring, the output and quality of crops, including flowers and fruits, can be effectively improved, efficiency can be increased, farmers' incomes can be increased, and food security can be ensured.

Smart agriculture is based on the Internet of Things technology, mainly including monitoring function system, monitoring function system, real-time image and video monitoring function. It can monitor the air temperature and humidity, soil temperature, soil moisture, light intensity, CO2 concentration and other environmental parameters in the shed in real time, and upload it to the cloud platform via GPRS/4G for data storage, display and data management, so as to obtain information from all base test points , Management, dynamic display and analysis processing are displayed to users in the form of intuitive charts and curves.

The system performs automatic irrigation, automatic cooling, automatic mold rolling, automatic liquid fertilizer fertilization, automatic spraying and other automatic controls on the agricultural park based on the feedback of the above various kinds of information.

Ensure that crops have a good and suitable growth environment to achieve the purpose of increasing yield, improving quality, regulating the growth cycle, and improving economic benefits. So from which aspects should smart agriculture be monitored?

Soil condition monitoring

Soil condition is an important indicator to help farmers decide the appropriate planting time and crop harvest time. By monitoring soil conditions through IoT sensors, farmers can immediately receive alerts about soil moisture, salinity, and nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium. Other indicators include soil temperature and air temperature: a correct estimation of them allows farmers to plan watering times and know when pests will occur. Soil condition monitoring requires a combination of hardware and software systems to run in real time and alert users of any major changes.

It uses smart agricultural sensors to collect data, and uses cloud infrastructure for data processing and storage, and transmits the data to a computer background or mobile phone in a readable format.

Meteorological monitoring

Agro-meteorological monitoring is one of the most commonly used application fields of the Internet of Things. In the cultivation of crops, the yield depends to a large extent on the environment, and the environment itself is unstable. Meteorological monitoring can remind farmers of changing weather conditions-factors such as temperature, precipitation, humidity, solar radiation and wind speed. Effective weather notifications can be sent to computer cloud platforms and smart phones, enabling them to take immediate action.

Greenhouse system

The fragile and sensitive greenhouse ecosystem needs continuous maintenance and control. The greenhouse automation smart agriculture solution demonstrates the application of remote sensing technology in agriculture. They help maintain excellent microclimate conditions and manage lighting, humidity, carbon dioxide and temperature levels. Instant alarms and increased management capabilities greatly improve the efficiency of greenhouse planting.

'Smart Agriculture' is a process of optimizing the entire agricultural industry chain. Use the least resources to grow and raise the highest quality agricultural products scientifically and rationally; use the lowest circulation cost to transport the products to the sales location as quickly as possible; use the shortest time to sell the highest quality agricultural products; this should be 'Internet+' or 'Wisdom+' is used in depth in the entire agricultural industry.

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