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Smart agriculture solutions

by:Rika Sensors     2021-11-16
Smart agriculture solutions

September is not just harvesting, we also plant seeds in autumn. Golden autumn, sprinkled on the earth, golden everywhere. Golden fields, pristine farmers, working figures, waiting for no one in farming time, it is another busy autumn.

In agricultural production, the increase in yield mainly depends on the large amount of input of pesticides and fertilizers, but most of the fertilizers and water resources are not effectively used and discarded everywhere, resulting in a large amount of nutrient loss and environmental pollution. my country's agricultural production is still dominated by traditional production models. Traditional farming can only be fertilized and irrigated based on experience, which not only wastes a lot of manpower and material resources, but also poses a serious threat to environmental protection and soil and water conservation, and brings severe challenges to the sustainable development of agriculture. Until the arrival of the era of smart agriculture.

What is smart agriculture?

Smart agriculture is an advanced stage of agricultural production, a new form of modern agriculture and a new model based on the Internet platform and cloud platform. Smart agriculture promotes the transformation and upgrading of the agricultural industry chain through the intelligentization of the production field, the difference in the business field, and the comprehensive information service in the service field; realizes the refinement, efficiency and greening of agriculture, guarantees the safety of agricultural products, and enhances the competitiveness of agriculture. Sustainable development of agriculture. Therefore, smart agriculture is an inevitable trend in the development of agricultural modernization in my country.

The most obvious change in the smart agriculture solution is the application in greenhouse planting, which realizes the controllability of the greenhouse environment. We know that traditional agriculture depends on the weather, that is to say, the natural environment It has a great impact on agricultural production.

And modern smart greenhouses through smart agriculture solutions, on the one hand, realize the video monitoring function of greenhouses. Through video monitoring, farmers can remotely view the crop growth environment and crop growth, reducing the number of on-site observations. If the crop is sick, experts can refer to the video for remote guidance. On the other hand, it has realized the remote monitoring function of the greenhouse environment, that is, using the Internet of Things sensing technology to automatically monitor and control the agricultural environment indicators to create the most suitable growth environment for the crops.

Smart agriculture solution

(1) Monitoring center function

1. Know the agricultural field data at any time

Can be combined in the monitoring center The floor plan of the park visually displays the meteorological data, soil data, and the operating status of various agricultural machinery and equipment at the agricultural production site.

Meteorological data: air temperature, air humidity, light duration, light intensity, rainfall, wind speed, wind direction, carbon dioxide concentration, etc.

Soil data: soil temperature, Soil moisture, soil nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium, soil pH value, soil EC value, etc.

Equipment status: light status, shutter status, water pump pressure, valve status, water meter flow, vehicle location, etc.

2. Real-time video image monitoring

The agricultural production site can be monitored in real time through 360° video monitoring equipment and high-definition cameras, and the growth of crops can be viewed remotely. At the same time, the video can be recorded and replayed at any time according to the settings.

3. Remote automatic control

Based on the feedback of the above various types of information, the system performs automatic irrigation, automatic cooling, automatic mold rolling, automatic liquid fertilizer fertilization, and automatic spraying of agricultural parks And so on automatic control.

The automatic irrigation adopts intelligent water and fertilizer integrated machine technology. After the user sets the monitoring conditions, it can be fully automated to operate, remotely control various agricultural facilities and agricultural machinery equipment on the production site, and quickly realize automatic irrigation and fertilization.

4. Intelligent automatic alarm

According to the environmental conditions required for crop planting, set the system for early warning. Once an abnormal situation occurs, the system will automatically send an alert to the administrator's mobile phone, such as high temperature warning, low temperature warning, high humidity warning, etc. After the early warning condition is triggered, the system can automatically control the equipment at the agricultural production site to deal with the abnormal situation, or the administrator can intervene to remove the abnormality.

System advantages:

1. Multi-function integrated cloud monitoring

In the same system, users can monitor all plants in the cloud at the same time The planting environment, crop conditions and equipment operating status of the park do not need to purchase data center equipment, which not only saves a lot of system equipment purchase costs, but also greatly reduces future maintenance costs.

2. Accurate and efficient data collection

The system uses intelligent IoT devices to automatically collect data, with high accuracy, without manual collection and uploading, which can avoid human operation errors and ensure environmental protection. Fine management.

3. Convenient and fast mobile management

The system has achieved seamless connection with mobile phones, tablet computers, and PC computers. Managers can remotely monitor the plantation park anytime and anywhere.

Of course, the smart agriculture solution does not only cover greenhouse cultivation. Other solutions include smart aquatic products and digital pastures. It also involves information construction such as agricultural product traceability and ERP management. It is said that on the road to the development of modern agriculture, the gradual promotion of the application of smart agricultural solutions is crucial to the development of modern agriculture.

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