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Smart breeding | Application of temperature and humidity sensors in spring chicken breeding

by:Rika Sensors     2021-09-21
Smart breeding | Application of temperature and humidity sensors in spring chicken breeding
Looking forward to looking forward

The price of pork is finally reduced! Stable decline for 7 consecutive weeks!

However, the price of chicken has risen...

The price of eggs has also risen...

But! Fortunately, the increase is not too large, with a daily increase of 0.02-0.05 yuan per catty.

It is still acceptable to drop ~~~

After all, rounding up means that there is no price increase.

According to data from the Ministry of Agriculture, my country’s chicken production in 2020 is expected to reach a record of 14.85 million tons, a significant increase of 8% from 13.75 million tons in 2019.

With the increase in market demand, the production capacity of the poultry farming industry has rapidly expanded. It is spring, the weather is cold, the temperature is changeable, the daily temperature difference is large (4-24℃), the humidity difference is also large (25-65%), windy and non-directional. At the same time, spring is also a season for influenza.

Due to the large weather changes, the performance of some chicken houses is not ideal. If the breeders cannot well control the changes in the environmental temperature and humidity of the chicken house, it may cause chickens to catch colds, air sacculitis, and frequent clogging. The declining survival rate affects the slaughter index and will bring greater economic losses to the farmers. Therefore, how to monitor temperature and humidity has become a problem to be solved at the moment.

In today's rapid development of science and technology, the Internet of Things and sensor technologies are constantly upgrading, and smart farming has become a new outlet. The time-consuming and laborious monitoring of human labor, the inaccurate monitoring accuracy, and the lack of timely data are solved by the Internet of Things + sensor technology. , Monitoring and scientific management of the chicken house environment.

In the intelligent breeding, the temperature and humidity can be collected by RS-WS-N01-SMG-* wall-mounted digital tube king-shaped temperature and humidity sensor, and its circuit adopts the US imported industrial-grade microprocessor chip and imported high-precision temperature sensor to ensure The product has excellent reliability, high precision and interchangeability. The wall-mounted high-protection-grade shell, the protection grade is IP65, is rain-proof and snow-proof and has good air permeability.

With display function, real-time display of current temperature and humidity. When the breeder is working in the chicken house, they can see the temperature and humidity in the chicken house in real time; if the breeder is out, but wants to know the environment in the chicken house in time, the temperature and humidity sensor can be collected by the environmental monitoring host. The data is uploaded to the environmental monitoring cloud platform via GPRS/4G. The cloud platform supports login methods such as computer web terminal and mobile phone APP, so that farmers can check the current temperature and humidity values u200bu200bon their mobile phones anytime and anywhere.

In addition, in order to maintain the stability of the environment in the chicken coop and avoid excessive temperature differences, breeders need to limit the environmental elements to be monitored. There are two methods: one is to set through the environmental monitoring host, and the other is to log in to the cloud platform and set the upper and lower limits of the mobile APP. Once the value exceeds the limit, the environmental monitoring host and cloud platform will promptly give the breeding staff At the same time, the environmental monitoring host will send instructions to the M88 industrial control module to turn on related equipment, such as high temperature and humidity, turn on ventilation facilities, etc. At the same time, the cloud platform will also send platform alarm messages to notify farmers in time.

Temperature and humidity in the chicken house is undoubtedly one of the important factors affecting breeding, and the use of temperature and humidity sensors can help breeders understand the temperature and humidity environment in the chicken house in real time and quickly, in order to adjust the environment of the chicken house in time Provide a basis to avoid fluctuations in temperature and humidity in the chicken house, ensure the healthy growth of the chickens, and further improve the scientific management level of the chicken house and increase the economic benefits of the farm.

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