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Smart breeding ecological environment solutions

by:Rika Sensors     2021-11-06
Smart breeding ecological environment solutions

In the development process of modern animal husbandry, it is faced with problems such as low level of enterprise production management, weak government supervision, serious environmental pollution, scattered industry data resources, animal product quality management, and epidemic prevention and control. With the rapid development of the animal husbandry industry, the scale and specialization of animal husbandry have continued to increase, transforming and upgrading traditional animal husbandry, pioneering and innovating modern intelligent animal husbandry, and accelerating the modernization and information construction of animal husbandry have become the development of animal husbandry An increasingly important factor.

To build the automation and informatization of animal husbandry and realize smart animal husbandry, we must first establish on-site automation equipment and data transmission channels for monitoring equipment and the breeding management platform. To this end, a smart breeding ecological environment solution is provided in accordance with the characteristics of the industry. The program combines the intelligent sensing, transmission and control technology of the Internet of Things with the breeding industry according to the characteristics of the livestock and poultry breeding environment, and uses advanced network transmission technology to focus on intensive Designed for production and management of chemical livestock and poultry breeding. It can reduce labor management costs and energy consumption costs for farmers, and improve breeding efficiency.

The smart breeding ecological environment solution has the following functions:

1. Intelligent collection of environmental information in the breeding plant

The installation of temperature and humidity in the breeding plant Transmitter RS-WS-N01-2, infrared detector RS-HW-N01, carbon dioxide transmitter RS-CO2-N01-2, ammonia transmitter RS-NH3-N01-2-50P, hydrogen sulfide transmitter Sensors such as RS-H2S-N01-2-100P, methane transmitter RS-CH4-N01-2, etc. The data collected by the 485 method is displayed on the LED display in the breeding plant or uploaded in real time through the environmental monitoring host. To the environmental monitoring cloud platform, the automatic detection and transmission of environmental information in the breeding plant can be realized.

Environmental monitoring host RS-XZJ-100-Y connects to all 485 transmitters (up to 32) installed in the farm through the RS485 interface, through GPRS/4G wireless or 485, Ethernet, etc. Wired, the data of the collection layer is transmitted to the environmental monitoring cloud platform. The appearance of the host is equipped with a high-definition LCD screen, which is designed with key operation, and has the functions of parameter setting and over-limit alarm.

2. Remote/automatic control of the environment of the breeding plant

The environmental monitoring cloud platform supports login methods that are not restricted by time and place, such as web pages, mobile apps, and WeChat official accounts, and support users Add sub-accounts, view device status, query data records, select alarm methods, etc. Users can remotely centralize and control related equipment (dehumidifiers, heaters, window openers, infrared lights, fans, etc.) in the breeding plant through the environmental monitoring cloud platform, cloud control APP or WeChat official account.

(Environmental monitoring cloud platform computer end monitoring interface)

3. Intelligent breeding management platform

Environmental monitoring cloud platform can realize Display, storage, analysis, and management of collected information; provide threshold setting and alarm functions. Users can remotely log in to the management platform through computers and mobile phones, control the status of each farm, and supervise and manage the production and operation of the farm.

4. Video surveillance

The environmental monitoring cloud platform can be connected to on-site monitoring equipment, and the real-time monitoring data can be displayed on the monitoring screen through the video character overlay, which can be viewed at any time The activity status of the animals on the spot reduces the number of manual on-site inspections and improves the management efficiency. In addition, security monitoring can be performed on the surrounding environment of the farm.

The advantages of the smart breeding ecological environment solution:

The solution can help realize the resource integration, data sharing and business collaboration of the animal husbandry industry, and use information technology to improve management efficiency and reduce management costs , Improve the scientific, efficient and standardized management level of production and operation enterprises.

1. 24-hour monitoring of the breeding environment:

The staff can remotely monitor the environmental data transmitted by the sensors of each device, and perform management and control according to needs or system recommendations.

2. Mobile remote control:

Platform remote control provides remote control equipment including: PC terminal, smart phone client terminal, tablet client terminal, etc., and data transmission is safe and reliable. The equipment adopts industrial-grade design to realize a reliable, safe and stable data transmission link for unattended sites.

3. Remote maintenance, automatic fault diagnosis:

Remote parameter configuration, upgrade, maintenance and management of terminal equipment through the equipment management platform to achieve remote fault diagnosis, accurate alarms, and communication failures Remote repair, saving network management and terminal maintenance costs.

The smart breeding ecological environment solution uses the Internet of Things, big data and other technologies to transform, innovate, and transform the traditional animal husbandry industry, deeply integrate breeding information and production technology, and realize the wireless collection, monitoring and monitoring of environmental data. Automated breeding is helpful for the fine management of breeding, and is suitable for cattle sheds, pig farms, duck houses, chicken houses, sheep farms and other places.

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