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Smart breeding system: This is what determines the output and quality of animal husbandry!

by:Rika Sensors     2021-11-06
Smart breeding system: This is what determines the output and quality of animal husbandry!
Friends who often go to the vegetable market to buy groceries may find

the value of 'Second Brother' has risen again!

Congratulations to the 'Second Brothers' hot search.

It can be seen that the public is concerned

According to statistics from the Bureau of Statistics, in July, the national pork price rose by 85.7% year-on-year, which means that the price of pork in July was higher than that in July. Last July, it rose by 85.7%.

The price of pork rose last year to the present.

Since May, it has fallen slightly behind.

It rebounded suddenly in July, like the rain in July.

Chicken feathers.

Pork has always been a fast-moving consumer product on the table of the people of our country. Starting from the second half of 2019, African swine fever has begun to decrease. After 2020, there is basically no swine fever. Then why pork Will prices continue to rise? There are several reasons for this.

First, the impact of the pig production cycle.

Second, it is affected by natural disasters such as torrential rains and floods.

Third, market demand is restored.

Nowadays, improving the output rate and quality has become an urgent need of the animal husbandry industry.

Traditional animal husbandry is facing problems

Traditional animal husbandry lacks effective management methods, frequent diseases and complicated labor among multiple farms and sheds have become important obstacles restricting the further development of animal husbandry. The personnel bring a great burden. Not only that, it also requires a lot of energy and time cost, not only the cycle is longer, but also the problem of low efficiency and low output.

Overview of livestock breeding management solutions

Launched the intelligent breeding environment monitoring system, which is based on the Internet of Things and cloud computing technology. It consists of environmental monitoring terminals, communication terminals, industrial control modules and monitoring software. Implement comprehensive monitoring of the breeding environment, use the transmission layer to transmit information, and use the control layer to realize intelligent regulation of the breeding environment.

The composition of the smart breeding ecological environment solution:

The temperature and humidity transmitter RS-WS-N01-2, infrared detector RS-HW-N01, carbon dioxide changer installed in the breeding plant Transmitter RS-CO2-N01-2, ammonia transmitter RS-NH3-N01-2-50P, hydrogen sulfide transmitter RS-H2S-N01-2-100P, smoke alarm RS-YG-N01, Real-time online collection of the temperature, humidity and various gas concentrations in the breeding environment.

The environmental monitoring terminal refers to the temperature and humidity transmitter RS-WS-N01-2, ammonia transmitter, carbon dioxide transmitter and other equipment installed in the pig house. These equipment have built-in high The precision sensor can automatically monitor the temperature, humidity, and harmful gas concentration in the pig house in real time, and upload the data.

The intelligent breeding environment monitoring system can continuously monitor the real-time values u200bu200bof temperature, humidity, oxygen and harmful gases in the breeding farm for 24 hours, and update the real-time monitoring data quickly and conveniently. The whole system can be safe, Reliable, accurate, real-time, comprehensive, fast and efficient display of real breeding environment information in front of management personnel.

Smart breeding environment monitoring system function:

1. Data viewing

The cloud platform will collect the real-time concentration of temperature and humidity, carbon dioxide, ammonia gas concentration, hydrogen sulfide, etc. in the breeding farm through numbers, curves, Real-time display in the form of instrument panel;

2, intelligent industrial control

adopts industrial automation control technology. Once the environmental parameter is determined to exceed the limit, the system will immediately send linkage commands to the M88 module, such as when the temperature in the house is over When it is low, the warming device will be intelligently turned on to increase the temperature in the house. When the temperature is close to the limit, the warming device will be turned off.

3. Abnormal alarm function

The over-limit alarm method supports multiple alarm methods such as on-site sound and light alarm, APP alarm, WeChat alarm, mobile phone SMS alarm, mobile phone alarm, and email alarm.

4. Personnel management function

The system supports personnel and authority management.

5. Analysis report function

With its own data statistical analysis function, the collected data can be integrated, summarized and analyzed to form various forms of data reports.

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