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Smart elderly care becomes a trend, sensors ensure the safety of elderly living alone

by:Rika Sensors     2021-12-08
Smart elderly care becomes a trend, sensors ensure the safety of elderly living alone
In 2018, China’s National Economic and Social Development Statistical Bulletin showed that at the end of 2017, the total population of the country was 1.39 billion, and the number of people over 60 in the country has reached 240 million, accounting for approximately 17.2% of the total population. According to United Nations forecasts, the peak of aging will be ushered in by 2040, and my country’s population of elderly people aged 60 and above will reach 437 million, accounting for 25.0% of the country’s total population.

Retire care has become a major challenge facing our country. With the increasing number of elderly people, and modern society, the elderly and their children all seek to have their own space, so the phenomenon of purely old families and the elderly living alone is becoming more and more common. The function of family care for the elderly has been weakened day by day, and the support function for the elderly, which was originally mainly undertaken by the family, has gradually shifted to social elderly care services. Community workers are limited, and there are more and more elderly people living alone. How to understand the living conditions of many elderly people living alone and ensure their safety has become a work problem for community workers. With the development of science and technology, smart elderly care came into being.

According to Xinhua News Agency, Jiangsu Road Street, Changning District, Shanghai, installed smart water meters for elderly people living alone in the area. If the water consumption is less than 0.01 cubic meters for more than 12 hours, the 'one network management' platform at the street level will receive alarm information and Notify the community in time, and community volunteers will come to check the situation of the elderly as soon as possible. This move was well received by the majority of netizens. In fact, smart water meters are only one part of this Shanghai smart elderly care. In addition, there are also 'AI outcallInstalled in the home of the elderly living alone. In case of abnormal situations, they will provide timely feedback through the 'One Network Management' platform, and call personnel to come and visit.

This system, which is composed of sensors and a cloud platform, is used to monitor the lives of elderly people living alone, and we call it a smart elderly care monitoring system. A variety of sensors such as 'AI callAlarm, and analyze the cause of the abnormality through the algorithm and push it to the emergency contact set in advance to come to check in time. In addition, the platform can also be connected to a relay to control the power-off switch in the elderly's home. Once the excessive power consumption is detected, the system will automatically power off, thereby reducing the occurrence of fires and other accidents caused by improper use of electricity by the elderly living alone.

With the continuous progress and development of science and technology, there are many monitoring products that can collect the physical and environmental data of the elderly in real time, but it is easy to cause some elderly people to resist emotions, and smoke alarms, infrared monitors, etc. The sensor will not, not only will not reveal the privacy of the elderly living alone, but also very efficient, and can take into account all aspects. Zhu Weihong, the party secretary of the Qishan residential area in Jiangsu Road Street, said that 'smart care for the elderly' has reduced the pressure on the neighborhood committees, so that grassroots staff do not have to go to the door to visit the elderly, but it has improved the level of care for the elderly.

Smart old-age care is a process of co-creation and co-construction of the whole society. It is necessary to use the advancement of science and technology to combine traditional old-age care and skilled old-age care, and use information technology to better serve the elderly living alone. The society will continue to advance the process of smart elderly care, and spread more to every community to ensure the safety of more elderly people living alone. It is believed that in the near future, in addition to the above-mentioned sensors, smart elderly care products and platforms will also use a large number of physical, chemical, and biological sensors to provide protection for the safety of the elderly living alone.

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