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Smart greenhouse solution

by:Rika Sensors     2021-09-19
Smart greenhouse solution
The current smart farming model is being widely used in agricultural production. The application of the Internet of Things in agricultural production is to use various sensor nodes in agricultural greenhouses to collect information in real time, such as temperature and humidity in the greenhouse, carbon dioxide and oxygen content in the air, and soil nutrient content to help farmers accurately obtain Various environmental parameters in the greenhouse are intelligently perceived, intelligent early warning and intelligent decision-making to achieve environmental control and precise management.

The smart greenhouse solution refers to the realization of intelligent monitoring and management of the agricultural production environment with the help of advanced Internet of Things information platform, wireless sensor network, Internet of Things technology and wireless communication technology. The development of smart greenhouses can provide precise planting, visualized management, and intelligent decision-making for agricultural production.

Smart greenhouse overall architecture

Environmental monitoring

The indoor environment monitoring of the greenhouse can carry out real-time monitoring and precise regulation of the growth conditions of the crops in the greenhouse. The main parameters for detecting the growth conditions of crops in the greenhouse include soil temperature and humidity parameter values, indoor climate parameter values u200bu200band real-time image data during monitoring. Soil temperature and humidity parameter values u200bu200binclude soil moisture, soil ammonia concentration, etc.; climate parameter values u200bu200bmainly include wind speed, air temperature and humidity, CO2 concentration, etc.; real-time monitoring images include real-time collection of indoor images by WIFI cameras.

Smart data collection

Smart data collection mainly refers to various sensors in the greenhouse. Generally include temperature and humidity sensors, illuminance sensors, soil sensors, wind speed and direction sensors, carbon dioxide sensors, etc. They can monitor the greenhouse in real time, collect various data 24 hours a day, and upload the data to the monitoring center.

Smart irrigation

Smart irrigation is the data collected by the terminal greenhouse temperature and humidity sensor and the soil moisture sensor. According to the initial setting beyond the limit, the irrigation device is automatically sensed and triggered to perform irrigation operations. End operation to control the irrigation time. At the same time, when the dry soil moisture is unbalanced, the sprinkler irrigation amount of irrigation is automatically adjusted to realize the control of the soil moisture in the greenhouse.

Such equipment, such as a water and fertilizer integrated machine, integrates irrigation and fertilization. Through the automatic ratio of the fertilizer applicator, fertilizes with water evenly and regularly, realizing synchronous management and efficient utilization of water and fertilizer, and helping producers to realize automatic water and fertilizer integration. Management makes agriculture more modern and intelligent.

Intelligent lighting

Intelligent lighting control is based on the monitored lighting data, through the real-time monitoring of the illuminance transmitter, alarms through the monitoring data, and changing the intensity and switch of the lighting lamp. Adjust and improve the light intensity of the greenhouse, and realize the light management in the greenhouse.

Intelligent air quality control

Intelligent air control is a greenhouse carbon dioxide sensor and greenhouse temperature and humidity sensor for data collection, according to the initial setting beyond the limit, automatically sense the gas content in the greenhouse, trigger Control the ventilation equipment, through the automatic opening and closing of the top window and the side window, change the indoor gas quality of the greenhouse, and meet the needs of crop growth.

Intelligent mixed fertilizer

The intelligent mixed fertilizer system collects data through the soil pH sensor, according to the growth needs of plants, according to the concentration of nutrient solution and aqueous solution required for crop growth. Proportional configuration to fertilize crops. At the same time, the pH of the nutrient solution is adjusted according to the soil pH measured by the pH value to improve the soil fertility and meet the growth needs of crops.

Intelligent temperature control

Intelligent temperature control collects information from the temperature sensor, automatically uploads the data to the data center server, triggers the data setting according to the timer, and transmits commands to the wireless receiving regulator, according to the data Analyze the results, adjust the deviation value of the difference between the target temperature and the actual temperature in the greenhouse, adjust the temperature naturally by opening the top window, if the predetermined value cannot be reached, use forced ventilation to adjust the temperature to realize the greenhouse growth temperature control.

Remote agricultural monitoring

Remote agricultural monitoring is a terminal operation for users to control the Internet of things in the greenhouse based on the B/S mode. Access control is performed by accessing the data center server for data collection, which can realize the same and different places on the network Access and query, view the operation of various sensors, monitor information and apply remote device control, etc.

The monitoring center cloud platform can not only receive and display real-time data uploaded by various sensors, but also support mobile phone and computer terminals to view data anytime and anywhere. When the data exceeds the set limit, it will notify the relevant personnel by SMS alarm, email alarm, mobile phone alarm and other alarm methods. The data in the greenhouse can be viewed in the form of a curve on the cloud platform, which makes it more convenient for people to conduct data analysis.

The application of smart greenhouses effectively reduces the influence of artificial planting intervention and human factors, and provides a healthy and accurate growth environment for the macro-balance regulation of smart agriculture and the adaptive environment of crops.

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