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Smart public toilet environment monitoring solution

by:Rika Sensors     2021-11-06
Smart public toilet environment monitoring solution
Although the toilet is small, it is the universal olfactory language and visual language throughout the world, and the yardstick of human civilization. Public toilets are a necessary part of urban infrastructure. In addition to meeting people’s basic living needs, they also have cultural connotations and civilized attributes. As social cultural symbols, the attitude, construction style, and use of toilets are important benchmarks that reflect the quality of life. .

With the development of smart cities, smart public toilets came into being under the influence of the Internet+ catalyst. Traditional public toilets can be cleaned due to the inability of managers to obtain information about the number of people going to the toilet, the vacancy of the toilet, and the environment. Situations such as untimely evacuation of people are not in place, and modern public toilets adopt smart public toilet environmental monitoring solutions. These problems can be solved well through technologies such as big data, cloud computing, Internet of Things, and mobile Internet. Users provide more convenient, smarter, and more user-friendly services, and at the same time provide more refined management for toilet managers, improve the toilet environment, and enhance the image of the city/park.

The smart public toilet environment monitoring solution consists of four parts: monitoring terminal, transmission part, management platform, and intelligent linkage, including multifunctional air quality transmitter, ceiling infrared detector, environmental monitoring host, network relay and environment Monitor the cloud platform. It can monitor the temperature and humidity, hydrogen sulfide, ammonia and other environmental elements in public toilets in real time, and can display the data on the platform in real time. When the harmful gas content in the public toilet exceeds the standard, the system can automatically link the fan to ventilate and deodorize, ensure the sanitation of the toilet and improve the environmental quality in the public toilet. In addition, some smart toilets also have a life monitoring function. When someone is found to be unwell and staying overtime, the system will send out an alarm message to pay attention to the safety of the toilet in time.

Monitoring terminal

The monitoring terminal mainly includes multifunctional air quality transmitter and ceiling infrared detector.

Hydrogen sulfide and ammonia in public toilets are the cause of the peculiar smell of public toilets. When the concentration of these two gases reaches a certain value, it will cause harm to the human body. The multifunctional air quality transmitter can Simultaneously monitor the concentration of these two gases to prevent the increased concentration from causing harm to the human body.

Ceiling infrared detectors can dynamically monitor the use of toilet seats, and can directly reflect the occupancy of toilet seats through the display screen, reducing the waiting time of personnel, and it is also convenient for managers to allocate resources rationally.

Transmission part

The smart public toilet environmental monitoring solution uses the environmental monitoring host to upload the data collected by the sensor to the smart public toilet management platform through GPRS/4G or Ethernet.

Management platform

The smart public toilet management platform refers to the environmental monitoring cloud platform, which can display the temperature and humidity of the entire public toilet and the values u200bu200bof various gases in real time. It supports digital display and curve display; it can be displayed through mobile phones, Pads, and computers. Multi-terminal login to view real-time data of monitoring points and equipment operating status; with data storage function, data can be printed and exported as needed. When the environmental value is abnormal, an alarm message will be sent to the management personnel to notify the relevant personnel to check the management, which is convenient for the staff to maintain in time and ensure the sanitation of the public toilet environment.

Smart linkage

The smart public toilet environmental monitoring solution includes a network relay, which can perform linkage management of the equipment in the public toilet. When the ammonia, hydrogen sulfide and other gases in the public toilet exceed the upper limit, The system can automatically control the turning on of fans, air conditioners and other equipment through the network relay, automatically exchange air, deodorize and sterilize, and realize the intelligent linkage of various equipment in public toilets.

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