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Smart public toilet environment monitoring system

by:Rika Sensors     2021-09-21
Smart public toilet environment monitoring system
1. Project background

Small toilets make people’s livelihood more important

Once, when talking about toilets in China, the first reaction of many people was 'dirty, messy, and poor, Scenic spots, airports, hospitals, schools and other important places with high traffic have begun to use advanced technologies such as the Internet of Things and sensors to intelligently manage public toilets, improve and solve the problems of dirty, messy and smelly public toilets, and continue to implement toilet reform policies , To create a smart public toilet.

II. Program introduction

The intelligent public toilet environmental monitoring system consists of a multifunctional air quality transmitter (temperature and humidity, ammonia and other gases), an environmental monitoring host, a network relay and an environmental monitoring cloud platform composition. It can monitor the temperature and humidity values u200bu200bin public toilets and the content of various gases such as hydrogen sulfide and ammonia in real time. When the content of malodorous gas in public toilets exceeds the standard, the system can automatically cooperate with fans to ventilate and deodorize to ensure environmental sanitation in the toilets and provide scientific and reasonable management methods for the environmental sanitation of public toilets.

Scheme topology map< /p>

3. Program composition

Multi-function air quality transmitter

This transmitter is an air environment multi-element transmitter independently developed by our company. It is used to monitor the temperature and humidity, ammonia, hydrogen sulfide, carbon dioxide and other elements in the air environment, basically covering various indicators that reflect air quality. It is widely used in schools, hospitals, airport stations and other places.

1. Integrate a variety of measurement elements, up to 11 measurement elements can be integrated at the same time.

2. It can measure temperature, humidity, PM2.5, PM10, atmospheric pressure, light, TVOC, CO2, formaldehyde, O3, CO, CH4, O2, SO2, NO2, H2, H2S, NH3 and other elements .

3. It adopts a circular arc shell, and can be ceiling-mounted or wall-mounted with the base provided by us.

4. Dedicated 485 circuit, standard Modbus-RTU communication protocol, communication distance up to 2000 meters.

5. DC 10~30V wide voltage range power supply.

Environmental monitoring host

1. The monitoring host can access all our 485 devices to collect data, and upload the environmental data collected by various sensors to Smart public toilet management platform.

2. Large-screen LCD display, simple and friendly interface, easy to operate.

3. With 1 ModBus-RTU master interface, it can be connected to all types of 485 transmitters of our company.

4. DC 10~30V wide voltage power supply.

5. Built-in data storage, which can store 520,000 records.

6.1-channel multi-function GPRS communication interface, only need to insert a mobile phone card to upload data to the remote monitoring software platform.

Powerful offline SMS alarm function, the alarm content can be customized (function option).

Cloud platform: www.0531yun.cn

The platform can display the temperature and humidity in the entire public toilet as well as the values u200bu200bof various gas contents in real time. It supports digital display and curve display; it can be used by mobile phones, Pads, computers, etc. Log in to the terminal to view the real-time data of the monitoring point and the operating status of the equipment; it has a data storage function and can print and export data as needed. When the environmental value is abnormal, an alarm message will be sent to the management personnel to notify the relevant personnel to check the management, which is convenient for the staff to maintain in time and ensure the sanitation of the public toilet environment.

Intelligent linkage

The system can monitor the temperature, humidity, ammonia, hydrogen sulfide and other odorous gases in public toilets in real time. When the value of a certain gas exceeds the limit, the system can automatically control through the network relay Turn on ventilation and ventilation equipment such as fans and air conditioners to automatically ventilate, deodorize and sterilize, and realize the intelligent linkage of various equipment in public toilets.

Network Relay

The network relay is a controller that controls 8-way relays, with 8-way switch output, and supports standard 35mm caliper installation. Use the established communication network to connect to the cloud platform of our company, and realize remote relay control through terminals such as computers, WeChat applets and mobile phone APPs, and realize centralized control of various equipment.

1.8 output points can be controlled synchronously or independently through commands.

2. The equipment adapts to DC10~30V wide voltage power supply.

3. Automatically disconnect the relay after power failure.

4. Through various communication methods such as Ethernet and 4G.

5. Standard RS485 interface, Modbus-RTU protocol, convenient for secondary development.

Fourth, the program function

01 Real-time environmental monitoring

Real-time monitoring of ammonia and sulfur gas, malodorous gas and temperature and humidity values u200bu200bin the public toilet environment, and upload to the back-end cloud platform, support Display on the LED screen.

02Remote management

The operation status of each toilet is monitored through the smart public toilet cloud platform, and the public toilet environment in the jurisdiction is unified management to improve management efficiency.

03 Over-limit alarm

When the data exceeds the limit, the platform will send a text message alert or email alert to the designated contact, and notify the management as soon as possible, and take measures as soon as possible.

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