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Smart spore capture device that 90% of people don’t know

by:Rika Sensors     2021-11-20
Smart spore capture device that 90% of people don’t know
Have you seen diseases in crops?

Do you know how terrible crop diseases are?

Do you know how difficult it is to prevent crop diseases?

Perhaps few people understand, but agricultural workers must have experienced these painful moments.

In the process of managing crops, disease is the main factor that seriously harms the growth of crops, and it is also a very headache for its workers. It not only inhibits the growth of crops, leads to deterioration or reduction in production of agricultural products, and sometimes even causes large-scale crop deaths.

According to statistics, more than half of the more than 1,000 diseases that affect various crops are caused by the spread of pathogenic spores through air currents and infecting crops. As an airborne plant disease, the spores of pathogens are highly contagious and prone to outbreaks and disasters, so they are also considered to be more terrifying and difficult to deal with. Therefore, in order to reduce the difficulty of dealing with it, it is necessary to do a good job of disease monitoring in advance. Once the occurrence of plant diseases is monitored, workers can take timely measures to prevent and reduce the impact of the disease on the growth of crops.

The initial collection and monitoring of spores requires manual on-site collection, which is more labor-intensive; later monitoring instruments can only collect disease pathogens at a fixed location, or need to manually replace the slide and manual microscopy, which is more efficient. Low. Today’s spore collection instruments have become more intelligent and meet people’s needs. The smart spore capture instruments developed by the company can be used in large-area plant disease monitoring, mainly to monitor the stock of disease spores and their spreading dynamics, in order to predict disease epidemics and infections. Provide reliable data. The equipment has a built-in high-power optical microscopy imaging system, using precision limit technology, automatic intelligent focus fusion technology, Internet of Things transmission control technology and other means to collect and analyze the spore situation in real time around the clock, which can help the staff understand the occurrence and development of the disease in time , Improve work efficiency.

The advantages of the spore capture device:

1) Novel appearance design

The appearance design of the intelligent spore capture device is novel and beautiful. The ceiling of the equipment adopts an arc design, and rainwater will follow the arc when it rains, effectively preventing rainwater from entering the shell.

2) Air duct design, short sampling time

The spore capture instrument is designed with a special air duct air flow circulation design, and the air inlet and outlet form an air duct, which effectively reduces the collection repetition rate, shortens the sampling time, and improves the collection efficiency.

3) High-resolution microscopic imaging

The smart spore capture instrument is equipped with a high-resolution microscope, which can clearly capture and display the 5~100um target body, so that the camera can clearly capture the spores and generate effective photos. The user can adjust or move at will during use, so as to photograph the spores in different areas on the glass tape.

4) The carrier tape design is convenient and clean.

The spore capture instrument has a carrier tape design. Unlike other glass slides used in similar products, the carrier tape is more convenient to store than the glass slide. There will be a background alarm when the belt is used up, and it will be replaced when it is used up. No regular maintenance or cleaning is required.

5) The built-in display screen and GPS of the device

The built-in 10.4-inch high-definition large-screen display, windows operating system, and a good human-computer interaction interface. The built-in industrial computer supports the functions of viewing and taking photos locally, configuring device parameters, and controlling the switch on and off of the device; built-in GPS positioning function (optional), and the device location can be viewed on the platform electronic map.

6) Free cloud platform

The intelligent spore capture instrument has two signal transmission modes, 4G/network port, and uploads the collected spore photos to the agricultural four-information forecasting platform. Support staff to remotely control equipment, such as switching on and off, remote automatic and manual photography, setting sampling time, working hours, etc. The platform supports multiple viewing methods on the web and mobile apps. Using cloud server technology, the spore pictures can be viewed remotely, and the management personnel can remotely count and analyze the spore pictures of pathogens.

Focusing on prevention and control and monitoring will be the focus of future work on plant diseases. The spore catcher will work with you to witness the terrible plant diseases, and will also survive the difficulties of disease prevention and control. We are always on the road ☺.

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