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Smoke alarm and fire safety of logistics and warehousing enterprises

by:Rika Sensors     2021-12-13
Smoke alarm and fire safety of logistics and warehousing enterprises
On the evening of January 14, a fire broke out in a warehouse behind a shopping mall in Lihu Town, Puning City.

On the night of January 16, a fire broke out due to an electrical line failure in Lufeng No. 1 Warehouse in Shanwei.

In the early morning of January 16, a fire broke out in a warehouse near Caojiayan, Yunyan District, Guiyang.

At 5:22 on January 17, a fire broke out in a warehouse on Nanda Road, Baoshan District, Shanghai. The fire was not controlled immediately, and the warehouse was filled with disposable tableware and other flammable utensils. Objects, causing the fire to spread extremely quickly. In a short time, the fire engulfed the entire factory building...

The winter weather is cold and dry, which makes the items drier, reduces the water content, and burns easily in the fire. At the same time, the use of fire and electricity in winter increases. It is very easy to cause a fire. Then why is the warehouse prone to major fires?

There are many combustibles, and the fire hazard is high.

It is common for all kinds of materials to be stacked in large-scale warehouses, such as daily necessities, textile and chemical fiber products, stationery and paper and other flammable items. The goods are mixed in a warehouse. , And generally use stacking storage, pallet stacking and other methods for storage. There are many materials stacked in the warehouse, the density is high, and there are many types of combustibles, and the fire hazard is high.

There are few warehouse management staff, and the fire was discovered late.

At night, after the warehouse staff are off duty, there are generally only staff on duty in the warehouse, and even some warehouses have no staff on duty. Once a fire occurs, it is not easy to be found, which leads to the rapid expansion of the fire.

The fire resistance level is low, and it is difficult to put out the fire.

Many large warehouses are rebuilt from old factories and office buildings leased in the past. The circuits and fire fighting equipment are aging or imperfect, and it is difficult to put out the fire in time. . Because of the large storage space, small fire separation distance, and dense storage of materials in warehouses that centrally store materials, it is also difficult to put out fires after a fire.

Based on the characteristics of the above-mentioned large-scale warehouses, the installation of smoke alarms in the warehouses and real-time monitoring through the smoke alarms have become an effective way to prevent major fires in the warehouses.

The smoke alarm can timely and effectively monitor the change of the smoke concentration in the warehouse environment. Once the smoke concentration in the warehouse exceeds the limit, it can trigger an over-limit alarm. The device's own buzzer sounds high decibels and makes an early warning. And through the connected software platform, it can send text messages or ringing alarms to the warehouse security person in charge and related personnel, and take timely countermeasures to prevent fires from occurring or spreading.

It is recommended to install photoelectric smoke alarms for smoke alarms in warehouses. Such smoke alarms are more sensitive to smoldering (no open flames, but burning with smoke), and can timely monitor the production in the warehouse environment. When the smoke drifts into the alarm, the infrared light in the cavity is refracted and reflected by the smoke particles, and the infrared receiving end in the cavity receives the light, and the intelligent alarm circuit judges whether it exceeds the threshold. Once it exceeds, it will give an alarm.

For warehouse fires, prevention is always the first priority. Smoke alarms can provide early warning and reminders in the early stage of the fire. However, daily inspection and maintenance of the warehouse environment is the basis for ensuring safety.

Regularly conduct fire-proof inspections on electrical circuits in the warehouse area, and find aging electrical circuits to be replaced in time; strengthen the management of fire-fighting facilities and equipment. Fire-fighting equipment should be installed in accordance with regulations and placed in obvious and accessible places, and special personnel should be organized to carry out Daily inspections, discover problems in time and supervise the implementation of corrective measures, keep them available at all times, and prevent warehouse fires as much as possible.

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