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Smoke alarm prevents fire before it happens

by:Rika Sensors     2021-12-02
Smoke alarm prevents fire before it happens
With the rapid development of today's society and economy, how to establish a set of smoke alarm systems that can effectively monitor and control fires is particularly important in today's society. The installation and use of smoke alarms can not only dispel people's worries, but also have the opportunity to eliminate the fire in the bud and protect the safety of people's lives and property.

Countless tragedies have proved that fires have caused more and more harm to humans, society and nature. It not only causes damage to material properties, but also disrupts social order, and is even serious enough to endanger lives. In contrast, high-quality monitoring facilities and accurate alarm systems can greatly increase the chances of survival.

Smoke monitoring and remote alarm systems are developed to better serve mankind, and to meet people's needs, they are constantly improving in terms of function, structure, and form. The smoke monitoring and remote alarm system can collect the information of the fire scene in a timely and accurate manner, and send the fire alarm information to the monitoring center or monitoring point through electrical signals, so as to protect human property and life safety as much as possible.

Smoke alarms can also be called smoke alarms. Smoke alarms monitor the concentration of smoke to prevent fires. In addition, smoke alarms can be divided into ionizing smoke detectors, photoelectric smoke detectors, etc. Compared with gas-sensitive alarms, ionizing smoke sensors and photoelectric smoke alarms have more advanced technology and more stable operation. It is reliable, and its performance is far better than that of gas-sensitive resistance fire alarms. It is widely used in various fire alarm systems.

The working principle of ionic and photoelectric smoke alarm:

Down, each move to the positive and negative electrodes. Under normal circumstances, the current and voltage of the inner and outer ionization chambers are stable, but when a fire occurs, smoke enters the outer ionization chamber and interferes with the normal operation of charged particles, which will cause the current and voltage to change and destroy the inner and outer ionization. The balance between the chambers. When the voltage increase at both ends of the ionization chamber reaches a certain value, the detector will sense this, and the switch circuit will transmit the alarm information.

It is composed of light source, photoelectric element and electronic switch, using the principle of light scattering to detect the smoke generated in the early stage of fire, and send out the alarm signal in time. Its working principle is to use a light-emitting element and a photosensitive element, the light usually emitted by the light-emitting element is shot on the photosensitive element through the lens, and the circuit remains normal. If smoke is blocked from it, the light reaching the photosensitive element will be significantly weakened, so the photosensitive element converts the change in light intensity into a current change, and sends out an alarm signal through the amplifying circuit.

It can be seen that whether it is an ionized smoke detector or a photoelectric smoke detector, it is composed of sensing elements, detection circuits, communication circuits and other main parts. These three important components, due to their optical, physical and electrical characteristics, will inevitably be affected by the external environment and their own defects, resulting in false alarms and false alarms of the detector. Therefore, in order to avoid and reduce the false alarms and false alarms of the smoke detectors as much as possible during use, it is necessary to take corresponding measures to avoid the occurrence of external interference factors and the detector's own defects.

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