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Soil EC Value and PH Value of Smart Agriculture

by:Rika Sensors     2021-11-30
Soil EC Value and PH Value of Smart Agriculture

The growth of crops is not only affected by the environment, climate, temperature, and humidity, but more importantly, the difference in soil results in the difference of 'Oranges grown in Huainan are oranges, and oranges born in Huaibei' , The soil plays a very critical role in the normal growth of crops, high yield and high quality.

The four major elements of soil detection are temperature, moisture, EC value, and PH value. In the above, we described the soil moisture and soil moisture measurement methods through the soil temperature and humidity sensor. Today we will talk about the soil EC value. And soil pH.

Soil pH value (soil pH value)

Soil pH value is also called soil pH value. Soil pH value is one of the important basic properties of soil, and it is a part of the process of soil formation and maturation and fertilization. index. It is usually used to measure the strength of the soil acid-base reaction. Soil pH is mainly determined by the concentration of hydrogen ions and hydroxide ions in the soil solution, expressed in pH. The soil with pH between 6.5 and 7.5 is neutral upper soil; below 6.5 is acid soil; above 7.5 is alkaline soil. The pH of the soil is generally divided into 5 levels.

Soil pH is in the soil. It participates in many chemical reactions and affects many soil properties.

Microbial activities, the synthesis and decomposition of organic matter, the ability of soil to retain nutrients, and the migration of elements in the process of soil generation are all related to soil pH. If the pH value does not reach the range required by the plant, the nutrient elements cannot be absorbed and utilized by the plant. On the other hand, if nutrient elements are easily absorbed by plants, it is likely to cause poisoning caused by certain nutrient elements.

Various plants have their own suitable pH range, and growth beyond this range is hindered. According to the zonal distribution of soil in my country, it is more appropriate for practical applications to divide the pH of the soil into five attributes. The five levels of pH are: strong acid (pH<5.0), acid (pH5.0~6.5), neutral (pH6.5~7.5), alkaline (pH7.5~8.5), strong alkaline (pH>8.5) )

In China, most of the plots of soil are mostly acidic soil and neutral soil, a few strong acidic soils, and very few alkaline soils. When cultivating crops, you must first understand the pH of the cultivated crops. The suitable range is whether it likes acid soil or neutral soil, or it can be suitable for alkaline soil. If the soil pH is not suitable for the crop growth range, the soil should be adjusted.

Soil electrical conductivity (soil EC value)

Soil EC value refers to soil electrical conductivity, soil EC value is an index for determining soil water-soluble salt, and soil water-soluble salt is the surface soil An important indicator of inorganic nutrients that can be quickly utilized by plants is a factor that determines whether salt ions in the soil restrict crop growth. The soil EC value will have a serious impact on the growth of crops. We must learn to rationally adjust the soil EC value according to the different characteristics of different plants. The EC value is generally between 0.4 and 2. In the same area, under normal circumstances, we believe that the higher the EC value, the higher the salt content.

This standard is a broad-spectrum evaluation of soil. Here the soil is divided into five categories, non-salinized, lightly salinized, medium-salinized, heavy-salinized and saline soil. It should be noted that the soil EC value here refers to the measured value when the soil-water ratio is 1:5, and the unit is ds/m or ms/cm. The total salt value here is the total amount of water-soluble salt in the soil, in %.

The above table is for some common crops, and the EC value of the adaptation range.

In current agricultural production, excessive fertilization is a common phenomenon. Although the country has been emphasizing reducing the use of chemical fertilizers and advocating scientific planting, most of the soil, especially the greenhouse soil, has accumulated too much salt in the past few decades, and the soil salt has begun to seriously affect the normal growth of crops. . So we must pay attention to the index of soil salinity/EC value.

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