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Soil moisture monitoring - — Let the land 'live'

by:Rika Sensors     2020-09-10

by the end of 2019, the central file no. 1 has 16 years in a row is focused on the 'three rural' work, the development of agriculture and rural areas problem naturally become the focus of policy. And agriculture is related to economic development and stability is an important problem.

soil is one of the most important natural element, is the material foundation to the survival of humans. Soil environmental quality will directly affect the development of agriculture. Along with the increase in population, the growing demand for food, we how to enhance soil fertility, increase food production is becoming more and more important.

based on the test we can know that the soil moisture, soil nutrient content, acidity, pollution and so on soil quality related data. Soil testing of these data is very important to agricultural production. Through the detection of soil moisture, we can know that things are on the basis of testing data to implement scientific irrigation water content, make sure crops can not affect output due to water status or quality.

soil moisture content monitoring system can realize fine - open long time continuous monitoring of soil moisture. Users can need according to monitoring, flexible layout moisture sensor; Can also be sensors in different depth, soil moisture measurement profile. Our system also provides additional extension ability, can according to demand corresponding sensor monitoring, monitoring of soil temperature, soil conductivity, soil PH, groundwater table, groundwater quality, and the air temperature, light intensity, wind speed and direction, rainfall and other information, to meet the needs of the system function upgrade. Fine - soil moisture content monitoring system to comprehensive, scientific and open real reaction test of soil changes and can provide a timely and accurate monitoring of soil moisture, and drought irrigation and fertilization information provides an important basis.

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