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Soil moisture monitoring system for power wisdom agricultural development

by:Rika Sensors     2020-09-10

in recent years, with the development of intelligent agriculture, soil moisture monitoring is also more and more in agriculture, soil moisture content monitoring for so what is the significance of the farming?

fine - flow through a variety of sensors to monitor soil moisture monitoring system of soil environmental elements of information, such as soil temperature, humidity, soil conductivity, soil PH, groundwater table, groundwater quality monitoring and air humidity, temperature, light intensity, wind speed and direction, rainfall, etc. , these can be through the sensor to the real-time monitoring, monitoring these data users could see? To monitor soil moisture monitoring system, soil environmental elements of information, can be sent directly by wired or wireless transmission way to the cloud platform, users can see directly on the computer or mobile phone terminal real-time soil environmental information.

soil moisture monitoring system, can be comprehensive, scientific and real reaction detection zone soil changes, timely and accurately provide the monitoring soil moisture condition, then we can according to the soil environment information, take corresponding measures, irrigation, fertilization to provide important information for the drought relief therein. Through detection of soil moisture, for example, we can know that things are on the basis of testing data to implement scientific irrigation water content, make sure crops can not affect output due to water status or quality.

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