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Soil moisture monitoring system

by:Rika Sensors     2020-09-09

the provincial agriculture department news, according to the monitoring, the entire province average rainfall is 0. 3 mm, relatively less normal in 95. 5%, the province most crop soil moisture is appropriate, wheat at tillering stage.

after the evaluation, the province most wheat irrigation irrigated land and irrigation irrigated soil moisture content is not appropriate, wheat upland soil moisture is insufficient. In local region, shandong jiaodong region without irrigation irrigated wheat moisture content is insufficient, shandong local wheat in dryland soil moisture drought. Compared with the previous monitoring cycle, wheat irrigation irrigated soil moisture change is not big, have no irrigation irrigated 0 ~ 20 cm, 20 ~ 40 cm soil moisture decrease 5 respectively. 08%, 4. 39%, the dry land 0 ~ 20 cm, 20 ~ 40 cm soil moisture decrease 5 respectively. 27%, 6. 00%.

analysis, meteorological department had a small amount of precipitation at the end of late November are relatively less than normal, predict the next large parts of the monitoring period of wheat irrigated soil moisture to maintain appropriate, upland soil moisture continuously.
wheat in whole province at present in the tillering stage, has gradually entered the winter period. Suggestions for more extensive cultivation, KeLa and wheat seeding of wheat growing more prosperous crackdown as soon as possible, timely winter irrigation, to HuaChu of pouring water in winter wheat field in a timely manner, in order to improve the insulation ability to keep moisture, prevent wheat seeding mong long, to secure the winter wheat.

wisdom in modern agricultural production agriculture soil testing is a very important job, we can know through soil testing soil moisture and nutrition content, ph, soil pollution, and so on soil quality related data. The data of measured soil for agricultural production is all to
important. Soil moisture is a data of soil moisture content. Through the detection of soil moisture, we can know that things are on the basis of testing data to implement scientific irrigation water content, make sure crops can not affect output due to water status or quality.

soil moisture content monitoring system can realize fine - open to soil moisture, Soil moisture) Continuous monitoring for a long time, the user can need according to monitoring, flexible layout of soil moisture sensors, sensor can be arranged to different depth, soil moisture measuring profile, can be used to detect soil temperature, soil conductivity, soil PH, groundwater table, groundwater quality, and the air temperature, air humidity, light intensity, wind speed and direction, rainfall and other information, so as to meet the needs of the system function upgrade. Soil moisture monitoring system can be comprehensive, scientific, and truthfully reflect the monitored area soil change, can be timely and accurately provide the monitoring soil moisture condition, for disaster reduction and drought, fertigation provides important information.

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