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Soil moisture monitoring + water and fertilizer integrated machine + IoT cloud platform to create smart agriculture

by:Rika Sensors     2021-11-15
Soil moisture monitoring + water and fertilizer integrated machine + IoT cloud platform to create smart agriculture
'If there is a harvest or not, it depends on water, and if there is more harvest or less harvest, it depends on fertilizer.' This proverb is used in agriculture to emphasize the importance of water and fertilizer for plant growth. In the summer, the temperature rises in most parts of the country, and droughts and floods are prone to occur. Summer is the most vigorous season for crop growth. Extreme weather conditions will affect the normal growth of plants. Suitable water and fertilizer during crop growth are especially important.

How do you know the growth needs of crops for water and fertilizer? This requires soil moisture monitoring. Soil temperature and humidity, electrical conductivity, and nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium content are particularly important for plant growth.

Soil temperature has a great influence on crop growth, microbial activities in the soil, the transformation of various nutrients, soil water evaporation and movement. Within a certain temperature range, the higher the soil temperature, the faster the growth and development of crops; if the soil temperature is too low, microbial activity is weakened, organic matter is difficult to decompose, and the root respiration of crops is reduced, resulting in crop nutrient deficiency and slower growth.

Soil conductivity is used to describe soil salt status, and it contains rich information reflecting soil quality and physical properties. For example: the salt, moisture, temperature, organic matter content and texture structure in the soil all affect the electrical conductivity of the soil to varying degrees. Effective acquisition of soil conductivity values u200bu200bis of great significance for determining the differences in the temporal and spatial distribution of various field parameters.

Lower or higher content of trace elements in the soil is not conducive to the growth of plants. For example, when phosphate fertilizer is excessively applied to the soil, the phosphate ions in the phosphate fertilizer combine with the cations such as calcium and magnesium in the soil to form insoluble phosphate, which wastes the phosphate fertilizer and destroys the soil aggregate structure, resulting in soil compaction.

The soil tachometer is a sensor that can quickly detect soil components. It can accurately detect soil temperature and humidity, soil electrical conductivity, and soil nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium in real time. Soil composition indicators play a very important role in the growth of crops. The use of detectors can accurately detect soil temperature and humidity to determine soil moisture and understand whether the soil needs watering; determine crops by monitoring soil nutrients, such as the content of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium Do you want to fertilize?

Improve the soil through the detected data to achieve the purpose of monitoring the supply of plant nutrients, so that the crops are in the best living environment, thereby increasing the yield. After understanding the growth elements of crops, you can irrigate and fertilize with a water-fertilizer integrated machine according to the actual situation.

The water and fertilizer integrated machine supplies water and fertilizer through a controllable pipeline system. After the water and fertilizer are blended, the pipeline and dripper form uniform, regular and quantitative irrigation, infiltrate the growth area of u200bu200bthe crop root system, and make the main Root soil always maintains looseness and suitable water content. At the same time, according to the different growth period of crops, the water and fertilizer requirements are designed for different growth periods. The water and nutrients are quantified regularly and directly provided to the crops in proportion. The integration of water and fertilizer is combined with the irrigation and fertilization system to realize intelligent and precise control.

Compared with the traditional irrigation and fertilization method, the water and fertilizer integrated machine has the following advantages: With drip irrigation, the root system of general field crops is 60 cm deep, and drip irrigation is 10-15 cubic meters of water per acre, which can save 75% of water. The entire planting area is 200 mu, saving more than 96,000 cubic meters of water per year.

Fertilizer saving:

The original use of compound fertilizer is 30 kg per mu of land per month, and 200 mu requires 6000 kg. Considering the labor cost, the fertilizer can only be applied once; now, liquid fertilizer is used. It is applied 4 times a month, 80 kg of fertilizer is used for 7 acres of land, and the entire planting area only needs 2280 kg of fertilizer, which saves 62% in the amount of fertilizer used, and it is true that fewer meals are used, and the fertilizer efficiency utilization rate is greatly improved. More importantly, the use of solid fertilizers was not efficient in the past, and the unabsorbed fertilizers settle into the soil, causing soil compaction.

Labor saving:

In the past, artificial fertilization was used to fertilize up to 2 mu per person per day. Land, 200 acres requires 50 people for 2 days, and the labor salary is 12,000 yuan. After using the water and fertilizer integrated machine, only one worker is required. One-button control. It only takes 2 days to apply 200 acres at a time, and a total of 4 fertilizations per month , It saves 11,040 yuan in labor, and the saved working hours and funds can be invested in other links of production.

The water and fertilizer integrated machine has high fertilizer injection pressure and can be applied to a variety of different irrigation forms, such as drip irrigation, sprinkler irrigation, reel, pointer sprinkler irrigation, micro-sprinkler, etc. Water irrigation technology has developed rapidly due to the use of 'water-required irrigation

At the same time, upload the plant growth element data to the cloud platform in real time, which is more convenient for us to understand and actually manage.

The water and fertilizer integrated machine and the soil moisture detector can analyze and organize all the data and upload the data to the cloud platform by means of GPRS/4G communication. The cloud platform supports multiple terminal login methods such as mobile phones and computers. Administrators can log in anytime and anywhere to view the current real-time status of fertilization and irrigation. The cloud platform can display the on-off status of the water pump and fertilizer pump in real time; the mixing status, instantaneous flow and total flow of each of the four fertilizer buckets; the real-time EC and PH values u200bu200bof the mixed fertilizer in the pipeline and the irrigation status of the 12 irrigation areas. Users can also obtain the temperature, humidity and nutrient values u200bu200bof the soil, and can irrigate and fertilize regularly and quantitatively according to the growth needs of crops.

Soil moisture monitoring + water and fertilizer integrated machine + IoT cloud platform makes monitoring more scientific, data more intuitive, management more convenient, easier operation, and smarter agriculture.

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