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Soil sensors help improve the Double benefit of the combination of planting and feeding

by:Rika Sensors     2021-11-17
Soil sensors help improve the Double benefit of the combination of planting and feeding

It's another year of 'crab' fancy marketing season. The golden autumn season always smells of a bumper harvest, and it is true. Especially the early start of a 'combination of planting and breeding' win-win business, it can be said that the rice fragrant crab is also fat.

The concept of rice-crab symbiosis is familiar to many people.

Raising crabs in rice fields can remove weeds, catch pests, and fertilize the fields directly; in turn, rice fields can provide a good environment for crabs, natural bait, and water Second use, the harvest season income is still 'DOUBLE

For environmental protection, it not only has the benefits of the above-mentioned manure and sewage fertilizer fields, one water and dual use, but also can effectively reduce the amount of pesticides and fertilizers, further control rural non-point source pollution, and provide high-quality green agricultural products. There is promotion value.

There are clear data showing that the rice and crab farming model can generally increase rice production by more than 5%, reduce costs by more than 10%, and increase economic benefits by more than 1,000 yuan per mu. For example, Lutai Economic Development Zone, Tangshan, Hebei, has just harvested a batch of farmed river crabs in rice fields. The current scale has reached tens of thousands of mu, with an annual income increase of more than 1,000 yuan per mu.

'One mu of land yields 35 kilograms of crabs, 100 yuan per kilogram of crabs, rice field crabs alone can earn 3,500 yuan per mu, plus more than 500 kilograms of rice per mu, which is calculated at 12 yuan per kilogram , The total income of the two items can reach about 10,000 yuan,” a breeder in Xinjiang said, “it’s definitely a good deal.”

It can be seen that the breeding of rice and crab symbiosis is a 'green account' that takes into account both environmental protection and economy. So how to balance the water quality of rice fields so that rice and crabs are in the most suitable growth environment? The soil sensor, which is a typical soil pH sensor, was first applied in the rice-crab symbiosis system.

The pH value of water mainly depends on the content of free CO2 in the water. In the acidic environment, the tolerance and feeding ability of mitten crabs to hypoxic conditions are weakened, which affects the precipitation of calcium in mitten crab crustaceans. Especially in the metamorphosis stage of the larvae, it affects the formation and molting of the carapace, which can directly affect the growth of the river crab. The pH value is generally required to be between 7 and 8, that is, neutral or slightly alkaline. And the PH value of the rice field should be between 6.0-7.5, because the nutrients required by plants in this range are the most effective in the soil, which is conducive to the absorption and utilization of plants. The pH value is below 5.5, which is not conducive to the absorption of calcium and magnesium. If the pH value is too high or too low, it is not conducive to plant growth. Plants are prone to symptoms of nutrient deficiency, growth retardation, yellowing of young leaves, dry or scorched leaf edges, and rot of capillary roots.

To sum up, it is best to keep the PH value of rice-crab symbiosis rice field between 7 and 7.5. To maintain the PH value of rice fields, agricultural PH sensors are required for real-time monitoring.

Agricultural PH sensor can accurately measure the pH value and temperature of the solution. It has strong environmental adaptability, clear display, simple operation and excellent test performance, which makes it very cost-effective. If it is equipped with ORP The redox electrode is also a precision ORP meter. The agricultural PH sensor can monitor the PH value of the water quality in the rice field in real time. Once the PH value of the water quality exceeds or falls below the optimal PH value for rice and crab symbiosis, an alarm signal will be issued to remind growers to adjust the pH of the water quality in time.

Agricultural PH sensor also has the following characteristics:

High intelligence: The online pH meter adopts high-precision AD conversion and single-chip micro-processing technology, which can complete pH measurement, Various functions such as temperature measurement and automatic temperature compensation.

Time display: Chinese online PH meter has a built-in clock chip that can display the current time.

Data storage: The built-in memory chip of the instrument can save the historical data of the past three days, which is convenient for users to find.

Flushing relay: The instrument is equipped with a flushing relay, and the PH electrode can be cleaned regularly by installing a solenoid valve.

25°C conversion: The 25°C reference temperature conversion of pure water and ammonia-added ultrapure water has realized the display of the pH value at 25°C, which is especially suitable for the measurement of various water quality in power plants.

Strong anti-interference ability: the latest devices are used, and the impedance is as high as 10 12 Ω; the current output adopts photoelectric coupling isolation technology, which has strong anti-interference ability and realizes long-distance transmission. Has good electromagnetic compatibility.

Simultaneous display of multiple parameters: Time, pH value or mV value, temperature, and output current value are simultaneously displayed on the LCD screen. Using high-brightness 128*64 liquid crystal display module, eye-catching and long visual distance.

RS485 communication interface: MODBUS RTU communication protocol can be easily connected to the computer for monitoring and communication.

Industrial control watchdog: to ensure that the instrument will not crash.

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