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Solutions | Scientific control of chemical gas safety risks, Ruilika chemical park gas monitoring solutions recommended!

Solutions | Scientific control of chemical gas safety risks, Ruilika chemical park gas monitoring solutions recommended!


Solutions | Scientific control of chemical gas safety risks, Ruilika chemical park gas monitoring solutions recommended!

As industrialization continues to accelerate, chemical projects play an important role in social development. However, with the development of the chemical industry, the types and applications of flammable, explosive and toxic gases are expanding.

Industrial Gas Detection_Gas Monitoring

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Once these gases are leaked during production, transportation and use, it will lead to poisoning, fire and even explosion accidents, which will seriously jeopardize the safety of people's life and property. Therefore, in order to protect the environment and ensure people's health, it is very important to monitor the gas environment in the chemical park.

news-Solutions | Scientific control of chemical gas safety risks, Ruilika chemical park gas monitori

▲Chemical Accidents

Rika Chemical Park Gas Monitoring Solution

To address the gas safety in chemical parks, Ruilika Technology proposes a system solution of "hardware + software + informatization" to control the risk of combustible and toxic gas leakage in real time, provide timely warnings, advance research and judgments, and front-end risk prevention and control, so as to prevent accidents before they happen.

Gas Monitoring System_Park Gas Monitoring

Hardware+Software+Informatization for Strict Prevention and Control


The program consists of environmental equipment monitoring system, data transmission system, data monitoring system. By installing various sensors such as combustible and toxic and hazardous gas detection alarms in the chemical park, real-time monitoring of gas concentration and environmental parameters in each segment of the chemical industry.

The sensors convert the concentration of toxic and hazardous gas leakage in the environment into digital signals and send them to the controller, which receives and displays the measured gas concentration. When the preset value is reached, the controller will issue sound and light alarm signals and transmit the signals to the computer terminal.

▲Can build the park integrated weather monitoring station

Monitor wind speed, wind direction, rainfall and other meteorological influences.


Composition of Chemical Park Gas Monitoring System

Rika sensor chemical park combustible environmental gas monitoring system has integrated, multi-functional, explosion-proof and flame-resistant features, support for chemical plants, petrochemical enterprises, automobile factories, industrial parks, and other industrial sites, such as ozone, hydrogen sulfide (H2S), carbon monoxide (CO), carbon dioxide (CO2), sulfur dioxide (SO2), nitrogen dioxide (NO2), nitric oxide (NO), smoke, ammonia (NH3), powdered gas (NH3), and other gases, and so on. NH3), dust particles (PM2.5, PM10, etc.), TVOC, noise, wind direction, wind speed, temperature and humidity pipeline wind speed, differential pressure and other dozens of environmental data for remote real-time monitoring.

Wind speed and direction_temperature and humidity_carbon dioxide_carbon monoxide_gas monitoring

▲Sensor and linkage control


Data display screen_Cloud platform

▲Compatible with LED screen

System Features and Advantages

System Features_Low Power Consumption_Wireless Transmission_Large Screen Support_Rika Sensor


System Advantages_Data Visualization_Linkage Control_Multiple Data Query_Rika Sensor

▲Multiple advantages, flexible with a variety of scenes


Data Acquisition Monitoring

The gateway will collect the pressure, temperature, liquid level and combustible gas concentration of storage tanks and buffer tanks and upload the data to the monitoring platform in real time.


Intelligent Equipment Management

By logging into the monitoring platform via cell phone or computer, you can check the working status of each storage tank, buffer tank and combustible gas detection probe at any time, as well as remotely configure and intelligently manage the gateway.


Fault Alarm Notification

By setting the alarm threshold and notification method, the alarm can be automatically notified to the management and maintenance personnel when abnormal data are collected, and it supports SMS, email and other methods, which makes it convenient for the management personnel to take countermeasures quickly.


Data report analysis

Visualize data such as pressure, temperature, liquid level of storage tanks, buffer tanks and combustible gas concentration in warehouses, query real-time data or historical data at any time, improve the level of digital equipment management and provide data support for management decisions.


Rika sensor Free Cloud Platform


Rika cloud platform is based on advanced information collection system, Internet of Things, cloud platform, big data and Internet and other information technology, users at all levels can access the platform data through various channels such as PC WEB, APP client, etc. to realize remote system management functions.

Cloud Platform_Rika Cloud Platform

Platform Specific Functions


Management of a map

A map of the system can provide statistics and visualization of equipment status, type distribution, usage, energy consumption distribution, alarm information, etc., which is convenient for quick management, viewing and positioning.


Real-time data display

Temperature, humidity, pressure, illumination and other parameters of the real-time data chart display, and its records, analysis, chart curve visualization display.


Data analysis

Summarize and classify the data, and draw corresponding data analysis charts according to different application scenarios of the data, including pie charts, line graphs, bar charts, etc., which can be queried, exported and other operations.


Early warning management

The monitoring equipment can set the warning threshold, the value exceeds the threshold triggers the warning, according to the warning threshold, can be multi-level warning, there are SMS, telephone and other forms of warning.


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