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Spore Analyzer | Be a little expert in monitoring plant diseases

by:Rika Sensors     2021-12-14
Spore Analyzer | Be a little expert in monitoring plant diseases
On July 23, the Shandong Provincial Ecological Environmental Protection Conference was held in Jinan. The conference emphasized the importance of environmental protection and also told us that the prevention and control of environmental pollution must always be on the road. Pollution in the ecological environment comes from many sources, including agricultural environmental pollution. Agricultural environmental pollution mainly comes from plant diseases in the process of agricultural production. In order to reduce plant diseases, farmers will increase the dosage of pesticides. Although it achieves a temporary effect, it has serious impacts on soil, water sources and organisms.

According to survey statistics, there are about 1,000 main diseases of various crops, of which about 60% are caused by the spread of pathogenic spores through air currents and infecting crops. Then, if we can know the trend of disease occurrence in advance, can we conduct targeted monitoring and early warning? Through timely monitoring, judgment, and treatment, the 'seeds' of plant diseases are choked to death in the bud. However, due to the small size and light weight of the spores, most of the spores are scattered in the air, making it difficult for human eyes to see and sampling. At this time, it is necessary to use modern agricultural technology.

In order to be able to monitor plant diseases in time and reduce pesticides and control, we independently developed an intelligent spore analyzer (model: KH-PSR-*-100). This instrument is specially designed to collect pathogenic spores and pollen dust particles that are transmitted by air flow. It is mainly used to detect the inventory of disease spores and their spreading dynamics, and provide reliable data for predicting and preventing disease epidemics and infections.

The equipment has a built-in high-power optical microscopy imaging system, using precision limit technology, automatic intelligent focus fusion technology, IoT transmission control technology and other technical means to collect and analyze the spore situation in real time around the clock, saving time and more Humanization, using software image optimization algorithm, can shoot small objects more intuitively and clearly.

What are the advantages of the spore analyzer:

1. Comply with the national standard GB/T 24689.3-2009

The spore analyzer complies with the GB/T 24689.3-2009 (plant protection mechanical spore capture instrument (device)) The safety requirements and technical requirements for stationary spore traps (devices) in the standard.

2. High-magnification optical microscopy imaging

Due to the small size of the spores, it is not easy to capture. In order to facilitate the camera to capture the spores clearly and generate effective photos, a high-resolution microscope is equipped during the development process to allow clear shooting. Display 5~100um target body, users can adjust or move at will during use.

3. Air circulation design

The spore analyzer is designed with a special air duct to improve the collection efficiency and reduce the collection repetition rate.

4. Carrier tape design

In order to facilitate the sampling of spores, the spore analyzer has specially added a carrier tape design, which is different from the glass slides used in other similar products. Carrier tapes are more convenient to store than glass slides, and they don’t require regular maintenance. They can be replaced when used up and do not need to be cleaned up.

5. Built-in display screen of the equipment

The spore analyzer has a built-in 10.4-inch high-definition large-screen display, windows operating system, and a good human-computer interaction interface. It supports functions such as viewing and shooting photos locally, configuring device parameters, and controlling device power on and off.

6. Novel appearance design

Compared with other similar products, the appearance design of the intelligent spore analyzer is novel and beautiful. The ceiling of the equipment adopts an arc design with smooth lines to prevent rainwater from entering the shell.

7. 4G/network port signal transmission method

The intelligent spore analyzer has 4G/network port signal transmission methods, and uploads the collected spore photos to the agricultural four-information forecasting platform.

8. GPS positioning function

The spore analyzer has a built-in GPS positioning function (optional), and the device location can be checked on the platform's electronic map.

9. Free Agricultural Four Situations Forecasting Platform

The Agricultural Four Situations Forecasting Platform supports multiple viewing methods on the web and mobile apps. Using cloud server technology to realize remote statistics and analysis of germ spore pictures by management personnel. Support remote control equipment, such as switch machine, remote automatic and manual photography, set sampling time, working hours, etc.

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