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Take you to know the automatic weather station in one minute

by:Rika Sensors     2021-09-09
Take you to know the automatic weather station in one minute
As human beings continue to exploit and consume the earth's resources, the earth's climate is fickle. Climate change is closely related to human work and life and has a huge impact. Humans’ research, mastery and use of atmospheric science have reached a new level.

Farewell to the era of 'a pen, a piece of paper, and a telegraph'

The automatic weather station is mainly composed of weather sensors, microcomputer weather data acquisition instruments, power supply systems, and radiation protection hoods. It is a kind of information that can actively observe and transmit normal meteorological elements such as air pressure, temperature, relative humidity, wind direction, wind speed and rainfall, conduct ground meteorological observation, store and send observation data, and can convert the observation data into meteorological telegrams and compile as needed A ground observation device that becomes a weather report.

An automatic weather station refers to a weather station that can automatically detect multiple elements based on needs in a certain area, without manual intervention, can automatically generate messages, and transmit detection data to the central station at regular intervals. The station is an important means to fill up the gap of meteorological observation data in the space area.

The automatic weather station is used to monitor many meteorological factors on site, such as wind speed, wind direction, rainfall, temperature, air humidity, luminosity, soil temperature, soil moisture, evaporation and atmospheric pressure. It can be connected to the computer by professionals who support data collection communication lines and send the data to the weather computer weather database for statistical analysis and processing.

It is composed of meteorological sensor, microcomputer meteorological data acquisition instrument, power supply system, radiation-proof ventilation cover, all-weather protective box, meteorological observation bracket, communication module and other parts. It can be connected to a computer through a professional data collection communication line, and the data can be transmitted to the meteorological computer meteorological database for statistical analysis and processing.

The simplest classification of automatic weather stations can be 'simplely divided into two types of automatic weather stations that provide real-time data

In recent years, due to the increase in demand, there are more and more types of automatic weather stations. According to different characteristics, there can be several categories:

Data receiving methods:

Wired telemetry automatic weather station, wireless Telemetry weather station, long-term automatic weather station

Usage/application field:

Weather weather station, agricultural meteorological observation station, microclimate automatic weather station, traffic weather station...

Scale of observation elements:

p>Single-element automatic weather station, four-element automatic weather station, multi-element automatic weather station...

Site level:

base station, basic station, general station, regional station...

Development stage:

The first-generation automatic weather station, new automatic weather station (centralized), multi-element intelligent weather station|(distributed)

Advantages of automatic weather station:

1. It is difficult for people to enter Or the observation site data of places that are not suitable for living, increase the density of the observation station network;

2. Provide observation data outside the normal manual measurement time

3. Increase the reliability of observations through new technologies

p>4. Reduce human error

5. Reduce the number of observers to reduce costs

The main functions of the automatic weather station:

1. Data collection

2. Data processing

3. Data storage

4. Data transmission

5. Data quality control

6. Operation monitoring

Collectively, the effect of sensor solution on industrial society has been to eliminate OEM sensor and drastically reduce the time long associated with environmental monitoring systems.
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