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Talk about: Agricultural Pest Situation Monitoring System

by:Rika Sensors     2021-11-18
Talk about: Agricultural Pest Situation Monitoring System
'Heavy rain, thunder and lightning, strong wind, sand and dust, high temperature...'

Do you think these words often appear in our lives recently?

More than half of 2021 has passed. During the six months, all kinds of extreme weather took turns. Among them, strong wind seems to be the protagonist of strong convective weather, sandy weather, and cold air. For half a year, the gale gradually withdrew from the C position until my country began to enter the summer.

Next, rain and high temperature will take over from strong winds and become the keywords of the main flood season in summer in my country.

With the continuous advancement of the summer progress bar, various places have begun to enter the rainy season. The high temperature and high humidity weather conditions provide good conditions for the development of agricultural pests. The reproduction number of pests has increased rapidly, and the boundary of occurrence of pests has shifted. The habits of flying pests will also change accordingly, which is more likely to lead to aggravation of agricultural pests and diseases, which brings greater challenges to crop production.

In order to ensure a bumper harvest of summer grains, various localities have actively carried out the prevention and control of crop diseases and insect pests, used modern methods to build an agricultural pest monitoring system, organized the monitoring and reporting of agricultural diseases and pests, and released monitoring forecast information and prevention and control plans in a timely manner to stabilize food production.

The agricultural insect situation monitoring system consists of a pest trapping system, a processing system (infrared insecticide, pest drying, tiled transmission), a photographing system, a transmission system, and an agricultural insect situation monitoring and reporting platform. It can automatically complete operations such as attracting insects, killing insects, dispersing insects, taking pictures, transmitting, collecting, and draining, and upload the insect pest categories and counts to the agricultural insect situation monitoring and reporting platform in real time, and display them on the web side. According to the identification results, Analyze and predict the occurrence and development of pests.

Insect situation observation lamp

KH-CQ-4G-100 insect situation observation lamp adopts modern light, electricity, numerical control and other technologies to realize the automatic far-infrared processing of pest trapping and cooperation with conveyor belt Transportation, automatic operation of the whole lamp and other functions.

The pests are trapped by the principle of black light lamp trapping, and then the insects are treated by the far-infrared processing system. The lethality of the insects is not less than 98%, and the completeness of the insects is not less than 95%. The insects are accurately transported to the photographing area by the conveyor belt. After the high-definition camera automatically completes the photographing and imaging, it is uploaded to the insect forecasting platform via the 4G network for AI identification and statistical analysis to meet the needs of agricultural insect forecasting and specimen collection.

The insect forecasting lamp is equipped with rain and insect separation technology, which can automatically separate rainwater and insects, and can work normally in light rain.

Agricultural Insect Situation Monitoring and Reporting Platform

Agricultural Insect Situation Monitoring and Reporting Platform is a remote online monitoring platform specially designed for insect situation monitoring system. It has AI insect automatic identification, remote real-time viewing of insect situation, online analysis of insect situation, and pest situation. Automatic species identification, regional insect status statistics, insect status change trend analysis, equipment monitoring and other functions.

System function:

Real-time insect situation: You can view the insect situation pictures taken by the device. The picture includes the area where the device is located, the name of the device, the sampling time, the number of pests, etc.

Insect situation analysis: Analyze the pest information of the pictures taken by the equipment, you can choose 'automatic identification' or manual identification.

Pest types: Mainly identify each type of insects. It is convenient to check and record, and it can be called directly by the bug report, or you can search directly based on the name of the bug.

Statistical analysis: You can view the regional pest statistics and the trend of the number of pests in the equipment during the time period.

The agricultural pest monitoring system integrates big data, Internet of Things and other modern information technologies to strengthen the ability of pest prevention and control, to achieve full coverage of agricultural pest monitoring and forecasting, to provide timely pest early warning for agricultural production, and to understand the changes in field pest conditions , Provide guidance for the prevention and control of agricultural pests in a timely manner, so as to reduce the threat of pests to a low value and provide a guarantee for the steady increase of agricultural production capacity.

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