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Talking about the application of gas sensor in daily life

by:Rika Sensors     2021-09-08
A gas sensor is a device that converts information such as the composition and concentration of a gas into information that can be used by personnel, instruments, and computers.

There are hundreds of types of gas sensors, and there may be different selection techniques for different gas sensors. Let's briefly introduce the functions and applications of common gas sensors!

Carbon monoxide is a common toxic gas in people's daily life, it is colorless, tasteless and difficult to be discovered by people. If people are in carbon monoxide, it is very dangerous, even threatening the safety of life. At room temperature, carbon monoxide can mix with air to form an explosive mixture. It can cause combustion and explosion when exposed to open flames and high temperatures. It is a flammable and explosive gas.

The carbon monoxide sensor uses electrochemical technology to measure CO concentration, and has a fast and sensitive response. The sensor is used in air quality detection, smart home and other occasions where CO detection is required.

The oxygen sensor uses electrochemical principles to achieve quantitative measurement of oxygen. This product is sensitive, low power consumption, high precision, wide measurement range, strong anti-interference ability, excellent repeatability and stability, and it is suitable for many This kind of occasion is especially suitable for the monitoring of oxygen content in industry, mining, environmental protection, and animal husbandry.

Carbon dioxide is one of the raw materials for photosynthesis of green plants, 95% of the dry weight of crops comes from photosynthesis. The use of carbon dioxide sensors to control the concentration is an important factor affecting crop yields.

The carbon dioxide sensor adopts the new infrared verification technology to measure the CO2 concentration. The response is rapid and sensitive, avoiding the life and long-term drift of traditional electrochemical sensors. It is suitable for agricultural greenhouses, flower cultivation, edible fungus cultivation and other occasions that require CO2 monitoring. .

Sulfur dioxide is one of the main substances that pollute the air. The detection of sulfur dioxide in the air is a regular task of air inspection. The sulfur dioxide sensor uses electrochemical technology to measure the SO2 concentration, and the response is rapid and sensitive. The sensor is used for air quality detection and other occasions that require SO2 detection.

Ammonia is a toxic gas. Leaking in a relatively poorly ventilated environment can burn people's skin, eyes, and respiratory mucous membranes. Excessive concentration can even cause lung swelling and even death. The ammonia sensor uses electrochemical principles to detect the concentration of ammonia. It has rapid and sensitive response, low power consumption, high precision, strong anti-interference ability, excellent repeatability and stability; the shell has high protection level and can be adapted to different environmental monitoring ; This product is suitable for real-time detection of ammonia in industry, mining, chemical industry, fertilizer, pharmacy, material synthesis and environmental protection.

In the application of ozone, a certain concentration of ozone is an important parameter to ensure the disinfection effect, save energy and prevent pollution, but if the ozone concentration in the environment is too high, it will cause harm to the human body. The ozone sensor uses electrochemical technology to measure the O3 concentration, and the response is rapid and sensitive, and it can reliably detect the ozone concentration.

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