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Talking about the Application of GPRS in Automatic Weather Station

by:Rika Sensors     2021-08-27
Talking about the Application of GPRS in Automatic Weather Station
The 21st century is an era of 'automation'. Automation has become the trend of the times. It gradually penetrates into human production and life and plays an irreplaceable role in these activities. With the rapid development of my country's meteorological industry, a large number of unmanned weather stations have been established. Weather changes affect all aspects of human production and life. Using automatic weather stations to observe weather in real time can provide us with timely and accurate weather information.

The automatic weather station is composed of various sensors, data collectors and related accessories. It is a device that can automatically observe and store weather data.

The automatic weather station can automatically collect air temperature and humidity, wind speed, wind direction, atmospheric pressure, light, total solar radiation, evaporation and other meteorological factors, oxygen, carbon dioxide, negative oxygen ions, TVOC and other gas concentrations, soil temperature, Moisture, EC, PH, nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium and other soil moisture conditions, total rainfall, instantaneous rainfall, daily rainfall, current rainfall, etc.

The distribution of weather stations is generally scattered, and traditional automatic weather station data transmission always has various problems. For example: wired network wiring costs are high, construction is troublesome and easy to be restricted by occasions; while in wireless network applications, it is difficult to achieve accurate data transmission when wireless data telex is far away. GSM short message mode has a small amount of communication and costs. Expensive, and renting satellites is relatively expensive for civilian products.

For this, it is necessary to develop a remote online collection and transmission system. The emergence of the 2.5th generation communication technology GPRS has solved these problems. The automatic weather station based on GPRS communication technology is mainly used for the collection of meteorological data and the monitoring of the state of the weather station. Because the GPRS network has the characteristics of long online time and low communication cost, the weather station has strong advantages in execution efficiency, communication processing capacity, and operating cost, so it has been widely used.

GPRS is a perfect service to solve mobile communication information services at present. It is based on data flow accounting, wide coverage, and faster data transmission speed.

What are the advantages of GPRS?

GPRS communication method is superior in terms of information transmission, reliability and communication costs.

1. Wide coverage. GPRS communication can meet the access needs of mountainous areas, towns, and cross-regions. Although there are a large number of weather stations distributed throughout the country, some weather stations are located in remote areas and geographically dispersed, but the GPRS network has covered all parts of the country, 2G/4G two types The network can be selected at will, which can meet the coverage requirements of the weather station.

2. The data transmission rate is high. The data transmission volume of each weather station is within 10Kbps. At present, the actual data transmission rate of GPRS is about 40Kbps.

3. The communication cost is low. The use of wired information transmission must be equipped with a special line for connection, which is expensive, while the use of GPRS wireless communication only needs to be billed according to the data flow, and the resource utilization rate is high. The use of 2G communication network requires a minimum of 30 yuan per unit. moon.

4. Support IP protocol and X.25 protocol. GPRS supports the most widely used IP protocol and X.25 protocol on the Internet. And because of the wide coverage of the GSM network, GPRS can provide global wireless access to the Internet and other packet networks.

GPRS network is realized by adding GGSN and SGSN to the existing GSM network. Enable users to send and receive messages.

After the automatic weather station computer and GPRS are docked: GPRS communicates with the GSM base station, but unlike circuit-switched data calls, GPRS packets are sent from the base station to the GPRS service support node (SGSN) instead of connecting through the mobile switching center To the voice network.

As people pay more attention to meteorological observations, now with the addition of GPRS wireless communication technology, it is even more powerful, and the application of automatic weather stations is becoming more and more extensive. Nowadays, it can be seen in many industries such as agriculture, forestry, industry, tourism, marine fishery, meteorology, water conservancy, transportation, electric power and so on.

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