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Talking about the control of cooking fume and the application of oil fume monitoring system in catering industry

by:Rika Sensors     2021-10-31
Talking about the control of cooking fume and the application of oil fume monitoring system in catering industry
As the domestic epidemic has been thoroughly controlled and tertiary industries such as the catering industry have revived, the number of restaurants of various sizes has begun to grow rapidly. At the same time, the problem of oil smoke nuisance caused by the increase in restaurants has become more and more prominent, seriously affecting the normal life of the residents and endangering the health of the residents. Therefore, strengthening the monitoring and management of cooking fume in the catering industry has become a top priority for the local environmental protection department.

The oil fume emission of the restaurant is discontinuous, and the concentration is often high and sometimes low. At present, most of the measurement methods of oil fume treatment facilities use isokinetic sampling of particulate matter, and draw lessons from mineral oil, petroleum, animal and vegetable oil in water quality. The method of determination, such as gravimetric method, electrochemical detection principle, spectrophotometry, light scattering principle, etc., is a combination of the above methods, using cyclohexane petroleum ether, acetone and other reagents as absorbents to determine the content of cooking fume in the catering industry.

Monitoring method of oil fume concentration

1. Gravimetric method

The gravimetric method is used, which is simple to operate. This method is not restricted by the variety of animal and vegetable oils, but the detection limit is high;

2 Principle of chemical monitoring

A sieve sensor with porous positions. When oil fume particles enter the sensor, the pores of the sensor will receive the oil fume particles, which will increase the resistance of the sieve, which will affect the change of the current intensity, because the current intensity There is a linear relationship (proportional relationship) with the concentration of oil fume, so that the concentration of oil fume can be calculated according to the intensity of the electric field (current).

3. The beam method

adopts bilateral fixed installation, one end is the transmitting end, and the other is the receiving end. The transmitting end will continuously send out an infrared light wave to the receiving end. When the oil fume particles enter the sensor, astigmatism will be generated when the oil fume particles meet the laser beam, and the receiving end will receive such optical changes, so that the concentration of oil fume can be obtained. .

4. Principle of light scattering

The optical oil fume monitor is based on the principle of forward light scattering. A laser beam with a wavelength of 635nm is irradiated into the flue to be measured. The oil smoke particles in the flue cause the laser beam to scatter, and the intensity of the scattered light is proportional to the amount of oil smoke particles. Therefore, the corresponding relationship between the concentration of oil fume and the intensity of the scattered light of the laser can be established. After the factory standard concentration is calibrated, the accurate oil fume concentration can be obtained by measuring the intensity of scattered light. Single-sided installation, good anti-vibration ability; installed back-blowing system, maintenance-free; high precision.

Principles to be grasped in the monitoring of cooking fume in the catering industry

There is a large amount of cooking fume in the catering industry. It is widely distributed and intermittently discharged, and the monitoring is difficult. Therefore, the following three principles should be grasped in the monitoring:

1. Highlight the key points

Sexual oils destroy environmental hygiene. It affects visual hygiene, and the irritating odor caused by gaseous unsaturated aldehydes emitted during cooking and the irritating effect of volatile oils on the eyes and respiratory system. Therefore, the main pollution factors of oil fume should be monitored. .

2. Use existing instruments as much as possible.

The monitoring of cooking fume in the catering industry belongs to the monitoring category of atmospheric pollutants, so conventional instruments such as existing atmospheric samplers should be used as much as possible.

3. Standardization of monitoring

The emission of cooking fume in the catering industry has large irregularities. During the monitoring process, the monitoring time, monitoring frequency, sampling point location, etc. shall be implemented in accordance with the technical specifications.

Application of oil fume monitoring system

The oil fume online monitoring system is a system integrating oil fume monitoring, data collection, data transmission, mobile internet, and cloud platform services. It uses Alibaba cloud technology and Internet of Things technology. Through the oil fume monitor and the environmental monitoring cloud platform, the key indicators such as the oil fume emission concentration of the restaurant, the operating status of the purifier, and the operating status of the fan are monitored online for 24 hours.

When the oil fume equipment has problems such as abnormal data or excessive oil fume concentration, the oil fume monitoring system can automatically send SMS/email to the restaurant, the third party of the equipment, and the local environmental protection bureau in time, which is truly digitized, networked, and Intelligent management and maintenance.

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