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Talking about the coordination relationship between dust monitoring and the '14th Five-Year Plan' policy

by:Rika Sensors     2021-10-07
Talking about the coordination relationship between dust monitoring and the '14th Five-Year Plan' policy
At present, the level of urbanization in my country is continuously improving, and the overall industrialization of cities and municipal facilities have also been rapidly developed. According to the statistics of the Ministry of Urban and Rural Affairs, the urbanization rate in my country has reached 45.68% as of last year.

The large-scale development of urbanization will inevitably be accompanied by dust pollution. It is currently in the '14th Five-Year Plan' and 'Two Sessions' period. Environmental monitoring and dust pollution will also be highlighted. Various dust monitoring policies may be relatively large. In order to allow everyone to adapt to the new policies in the future, this article will list several key areas of dust monitoring policies and regulations for reference.

One and three important national dust policy regulations

1. 'The Air Pollution Prevention and Control Law of the People's Republic of China'

In the 'Air Pollution Prevention and Control Law of the People's Republic of For the problem of dust pollution, a system has been established to levy pollution fees according to the types and quantities of pollutants discharged. However, because of the openness and seasonality of construction, the environmental protection department needs to perform verification work based on the material balance method when pollutant discharge verification is conducted. Builders need to formulate corresponding construction dust prevention and control plans in accordance with the 'Environmental Impact Assessment Law of the People's Republic of China' and the 'Regulations on the Environmental Protection Management of Construction Projects' and other relevant regulations, and submit pollution discharge declarations to the environmental protection department.

2. 'Regulations on Ecological Environment Monitoring'

In February 2020, the Ministry of Ecology and Environment reviewed and approved the 'Regulations on Ecological Environment Monitoring (Draft)Administration according to law and monitoring data are legal and effective, and further clarify and standardize the responsibilities and obligations of relevant entities such as competent departments, monitoring agencies, monitoring personnel, and pollutant discharge units.

3, 'Ecological Environment Monitoring Planning Outline (2020-2035)'

The equipment replacement cycle of the National Air Monitoring City Station is 5-8 years, 'Ecological Environment Monitoring Planning Outline (2020-2035) 'In the next phase of the construction task requirements, it also mentions the development of monitoring networks in towns, villages, and strengthening the construction of traffic roadside stations. The monitoring equipment of conventional parameters has a bright future. As the ambient air quality continues to improve, the requirements for the range, detection limit, and precision of monitoring equipment will be higher. Therefore, improving the performance indicators of conventional parameter monitoring equipment, and even using new technologies and new methods to achieve breakthroughs, will be the main direction of competition for monitoring equipment manufacturers.

2. Relevant laws and regulations of Shandong

1. 'Administrative Measures for the Prevention and Control of Fugitive Dust Pollution in Shandong Province'

The 'Administrative Measures for the Prevention and Control of Fugitive Dust Pollution in Shandong Province' implemented by Shandong Province on March 1, 2012 Among them, there are detailed 'violation fines' charging policies, which are basically consistent with the current construction dust charging policies in most areas of my country, which are 'violation penalties'.

The 'Measures' provide detailed dust suppression measures for various construction sites. When the construction unit violates some of these dust control regulations, the management department will impose a certain amount of fines on the construction unit. Based on the 'violation penalty' collection method, but due to the small amount of fines required to pay, which makes builders prefer to pay the violation fines, this model plays a smaller role in controlling construction dust.

2, 'Guidelines for the Prevention and Control of Dust on Construction Sites in Shandong Province'

The Provincial Department of Housing and Urban-Rural Development issued the 'Guidelines for the Prevention and Control of Dust on Construction Sites in Shandong Province' on April 16, 2020, clarifying: The construction site shall strictly implement the six measures of construction dust prevention and control such as the surrounding fence of the construction site, the stacking and covering of dust-producing materials, the wet operation of soil (rock) excavation, the hardening of the road surface, the cleaning of in and out vehicles, and the enclosed transportation of muck vehicles.

According to the 'GuidelinesThe construction unit shall specify the requirements for the prevention and control of construction dust in the bidding documents, and pay the construction unit a special fee for the prevention and control of construction dust. At the same time, encourage the development of green measures for dust prevention and control on construction sites, and require the avoidance of secondary pollution caused by the use of dust-proof nets.

Flying dust pollution on construction sites is an important factor that affects the image of a city and air quality. It is of great significance to ensure that the control of dust pollution through national policies can effectively ensure the effectiveness of dust control and improve the long-term monitoring mechanism for dust pollution at construction sites. Reduce environmental pollution and reduce the impact of construction on the living environment of citizens. Make new contributions to build our country into a city with good ecology and beautiful environment.

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