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Talking about the Development Process of Computer Room Environment Monitoring System

by:Rika Sensors     2021-09-18
Talking about the Development Process of Computer Room Environment Monitoring System
Enterprise informatization needs a solid foundation, that is, data center. The reliability of network equipment is the key to the construction of information systems. A small computer room can be a small room of tens of square meters, with a few or dozens of cabinets, and a large computer room can be equipped with thousands or more cabinets for tens of thousands of square meters. If one of them fails or causes a disaster, it can lead to the paralysis of the entire computer room, which is undoubtedly a huge loss for the enterprise. Therefore, the environmental management of modern computer rooms is becoming more and more stringent.

The computer room environment monitoring system is a computer network composed of computer network technology, database technology, communication technology, automatic control technology, new sensor technology, etc. Its monitoring objects are the equipment in the computer room and the computer room environment. The environmental control system provides an automated and intelligent technical means based on computer technology and a centralized management monitoring mode. For the construction of the monitoring system, it is necessary to make full use of human resources, strengthen the construction of maintenance support means, and ensure the stable operation of equipment and the computer room. Safety, improve labor productivity and network maintenance level, realize the computer room from manned to unmanned or few people on duty.

The early computer room environmental monitoring system used a single-node non-networked monitoring system. Each node worked independently, and could only monitor the simple parameters of the computer room: ambient temperature and humidity, water leakage, smoke detection, door sensor, presence of mains, Important power distribution switches, etc., are basically based on simple switching and a small amount of analog monitoring. The main monitoring equipment completes the collection locally, and informs the person in charge of the computer room of the alarm through the PSTN telephone system or SMS short message system.

With the enhancement of computer processing capabilities and the popularization of network applications, industrial control computers (also known as: monitoring host) have been put into the computer room environmental monitoring system, and the multi-serial port card is used to realize the collection of the bottom-end power equipment, and Realize the network transmission of real-time data.

Through the intelligent communication port of each device (RS232/RS422/RS485) or the added acquisition module, it is led to the industrial computer (computer running the computer room environment monitoring system acquisition program) through the engineering wiring, and the industrial computer realizes protocol interpretation and data processing .

Later, with the improvement and popularization of 1-16 port multi-serial port servers, the new computer room environmental monitoring system uses it to replace the computer multi-serial port card application, which solves the trouble of long-distance wiring between the monitored equipment and the monitoring host. The on-site RS232/RS422/RS485 equipment is connected to the multi-serial server, and transmitted to the monitoring host via the TCP/IP network of the multi-string server. The transmission distance is not limited by the wiring, and the wiring can be saved. Its realized function is similar to that of a multi-serial port card, which packs the serial port data network and transparently transmits it to the monitoring host.

On the basis of the integrated computer room environmental monitoring system, the hardware performance enhancement of the embedded system and the realization of the bottom-end interpretation of the protocol can realize bottom-end collection, bottom-end protocol interpretation, unified coding, and active reporting. On-site supplementary monitoring equipment is completed by the monitoring master device to complete the bottom-end collection and protocol interpretation, and communicate with the monitoring host through a uniformly coded protocol, and adopt an active reporting mechanism to save bandwidth and reduce network data traffic.

With the rapid development of the Internet of Things, technology is constantly improving, and the computer room environmental monitoring system is constantly optimized and upgraded. The application of the computer room environment monitoring system marks the conversion of the maintenance and management of the computer room environment equipment from manual guarding to the management mode of centralized computer monitoring, laying the foundation for the realization of unattended, which can monitor the equipment in real time and improve the maintenance of the equipment room environment. Management quality. It can deal with on-site faults in a targeted manner, save personnel and capital waste caused by blind repairs and inspections, and reduce system maintenance costs.

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