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Talking about the development process of temperature and humidity recorder

by:Rika Sensors     2021-10-24
Talking about the development process of temperature and humidity recorder

Temperature and humidity recorder is a kind of temperature and humidity meter in temperature and humidity measuring instruments. It has a built-in temperature and humidity sensor or can be connected to an external temperature and humidity sensor to measure temperature and humidity.

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Temperature and Humidity Recorderu003dTemperature and Humidity Sensor + Data Recording Function

Okay, enter the topic, today I will briefly introduce the development history of temperature and humidity recorder

Looking at the development history of temperature and humidity recorders, it has roughly gone through these three stages: traditional mechanical analog instruments, the first generation of paperless recorders and networked multifunctional paperless recorders based on virtual technology.

Early temperature recorders are all paper types-that is, there are paper temperature and humidity recorders.

Paper temperature and humidity recorder: Mainly draw a curve on the recording paper with a mechanical recording pen, so as to achieve the purpose of recording and saving data. Save data by recording paper.

Paper temperature and humidity recorder

With the popularity and wide application of computers, the temperature and humidity paperless recorder is produced, and because of its more accurate data recording, more convenient Data storage, more convenient data analysis functions, the market share has soared year by year; the paperless temperature and humidity recorder with USB interface greatly facilitates the download and storage of data.

Paperless temperature and humidity recorder: adopts microprocessor, display screen and memory. It is the earliest name or collective name of all electronic temperature recorders. Save data through memory. The display mode can be digital or graphic, and the display screen can be black and white, blue screen or color. It can also be without a display screen, such as a button temperature recorder or a disposable U disk temperature recorder.

Paperless temperature and humidity recorder

Massive temperature and humidity recorder: It is composed of a microprocessor, LCD, SD or TF card memory, with its own file system, and the data is directly stored as Files, such as .txt, .doc files, etc.; at the same time, they are not limited by the number of thousands or tens of thousands of traditional recording groups, and can be stored in mass according to the capacity of the memory card.

Massive temperature and humidity recorders

With the development of the Internet of Things and cloud technology, GPRS-type temperature recorders that upload data in real time have been launched one after another.

Cloud storage temperature and humidity recorder: upload data to the cloud server in real time via GPRS to realize data cloud storage. Users can query data anytime and anywhere, and download data for report printing. Storage capacity is not limited by equipment hardware, realizing unlimited data storage in a true sense.

GPRS temperature and humidity transmission recorder

Users can view and download data anytime and anywhere through a computer browser or mobile phone app. When the data exceeds the limit, users can also receive SMS reminders . The development of cloud storage has improved the quality of the temperature recorder. The recorder has also added a positioning function. Based on the base station positioning, it can not only record the temperature but also indicate the location of the equipment. This function is widely used in cold chain transportation.

Nowadays, the cloud storage temperature and humidity recorder is the most used: GPRS temperature and humidity transmission recorder RS-WS-GPRS/4G-6 series is a temperature and humidity transmitter based on GPRS transmission. Only a SIM card of China Mobile or China Unicom (4G selection supports full Netcom), the collected temperature and humidity data can be uploaded to the server through the network base station, GPRS communication

News monthly traffic is less than 30M. It can be connected to our company's RS-RJ-K software platform and our company's free environmental monitoring cloud platform and YY version of the cloud platform. It adopts large-screen LCD display, with dual control of temperature and humidity upper and lower limits, free setting of limits, temperature and humidity calibration by password

standard, GPRS data transmission and other functions, internal integrated alarm function module (buzzer and Relay), can realize the alarm when super high, low temperature, high temperature and low humidity. The product adopts the original Swiss temperature and humidity measurement unit, which has the characteristics of high measurement accuracy and strong anti-interference ability

, which ensures the excellent measurement performance of the product. It is also widely used in pharmaceutical transportation vehicles, industrial control, building control, electric power, measurement and testing, warehouses, cold storage and other industries.

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