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Talking about the Rainfall Monitoring System

by:Rika Sensors     2021-08-27
Talking about the Rainfall Monitoring System

my country has a vast land area, mostly low monsoon climate, this kind of climate will lead to abundant precipitation in spring and summer every year, especially in southern my country, which frequently triggers floods and floods. Farmland has washed away roads and has a serious impact on people's production and life.

So in order to ensure the safety of people’s lives and property, it is necessary to monitor the precipitation in real time during the period of relatively concentrated precipitation, so as to take timely measures for possible flood disasters. Precaution.

The traditional remote rainfall monitoring system reads the rainfall value recorded by the monitoring point instrument through the staff of the relevant department at each monitoring point, and then sends the data via telephone or telegram The method is summarized to the superior department. This method consumes human resources and is not efficient. With the rapid development of computer technology, various remote monitoring systems are widely used in various fields. In order to comprehensively improve the modern management level, it is very necessary to build an advanced rainfall monitoring system.

The rainfall monitoring system consists of four parts: monitoring center, communication network, front-end monitoring equipment, and measuring equipment. Realize the automatic collection, automatic transmission, and automatic storage of rainfall information, which can collect and monitor the rainfall in various regions in real time, and send the information to the remote monitoring center in real time, which is convenient for monitoring personnel to analyze and count the rainfall in various regions. , So as to know the rainfall situation in various places in time, and give early warning and decision-making of potential risks in time.

The rainfall monitoring system uploads data to the data center through wired, GPRS, Ethernet and other communication methods. The system can track and record the whole process, integrate data collection, recording and storage, and has remote diagnosis and control functions. When the monitoring station is in sleep state, the center can wake up the monitoring station at any time to collect data, read data or modify configuration information; Support multiple central working modes; managers can log in to the cloud platform through account passwords, view and supervise various monitoring points, and analyze status data.

The automatic rainfall weather station is a professional weather station for rainfall testing. It is mainly composed of temperature and humidity sensors, wind direction and wind speed sensors, and tipping bucket rain gauges. The main function is data sampling, data processing, data storage and data transmission, which is the core of the automatic weather station. The temperature and humidity sensor, the wind direction and speed sensor adopt the imported measuring unit, which can monitor the weather changes in real time and collect data, which has the characteristics of high accuracy; the intensity of precipitation in nature changes, and the measurement component of the rainfall sensor is mainly a tipping bucket. Read rainfall directly, without secondary calculation, simple and convenient,

The cloud platform has the functions of storage and export, and you can view the period of rainfall, daily rainfall, monthly rainfall, and annual curve. Rainfall, historical data can also be downloaded, printed and exported to the computer, and stored as an EXCEL form file; when the rainfall is too large and exceeds the set limit, the administrator will be sent an alarm message as soon as possible, and timely measures will be taken to prevent the occurrence of mountain torrents .

The application of rainfall monitoring system can save a lot of manpower and material resources, and accurately grasp the rainfall information of each monitoring point in real time, so as to have a sufficient overview of the overall precipitation situation. Understand and grasp. The advancement of science and technology has made our lives more convenient!

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