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Talking about the relationship between crop growth and aluminum shell ultraviolet sensor

by:Rika Sensors     2021-12-03
Talking about the relationship between crop growth and aluminum shell ultraviolet sensor
The agricultural production efficiency of greenhouses is directly related to the quality of light conditions. Generally speaking, the way for crops in the field to obtain light can only be through natural light. The saturation of crop light is greatly affected by the weather. Similarly, the speed of its growth is also closely related to the weather's influence on the light intensity conditions.

With the large-scale application of agricultural greenhouses, the growth of crops has basically got rid of the influence of natural conditions. When the light is sufficient, natural light is used. When the light is insufficient, the agricultural greenhouse artificially uses the electric light source to extend the plants, supplement the lack of sunlight, and provide the required light, which greatly improves the stability of agricultural production.

Application of ultraviolet sensor

The ultraviolet sensor has a good application scenario in coordinating with artificial light control to achieve high-quality and high-yield facility gardening. According to the types of crops and application goals, set the corresponding irradiation time and duration to ensure sufficient light.

The ultraviolet sensor can be applied to a variety of crops, such as vegetables, medicinal plants, flowers and fruit trees. It is mainly to control the growth of plants and improve the quality of crops, such as increasing the content of antioxidants in vegetables, increasing the accumulation of secondary metabolites in medicinal plants, and accelerating the synthesis and accumulation of coloring substances in flower leaves and petals. In order to control the actual effect of ultraviolet rays, the light intensity and supplementary light must also be controlled while monitoring.

The effect of light wavelength on plant growth

Different spectra in sunlight contribute differently to plant growth and photosynthesis. Light in the range of 400~700nm is effective radiation for photosynthesis of plants, which is synthesized by plant carbohydrates. Light reaction process. According to the distinction between visible light and invisible light, invisible light contains a waveband with a wavelength less than 380nm. This waveband is called 'ultraviolet light' (abbreviated as UV), which effectively radiates plants. Ultraviolet and far-infrared light can regulate plant growth and development. Function, has important application value to agricultural production.

The effect of ultraviolet light on plant growth and development

Although ultraviolet light can kill organisms in excess, proper supplementation of ultraviolet light can promote the synthesis of anthocyanins and flavonoids. A small amount of postharvest cabbage supplementation promotes the synthesis of its polyphenols; postharvest UV-c treatment can slow down the pectin dissolution, quality loss and softening process of red peppers, thereby significantly reducing the spoilage rate of red peppers, extending the shelf life, and It can promote the accumulation of phenols on the surface of red pepper. In addition, ultraviolet light and blue light affect the elongation and asymmetric growth of plant cells, thereby affecting the directional growth of plants. UV-B radiation causes dwarf plant phenotypes, small and thick leaves, short petioles, increased axillary branches, and changes in the root/shoot ratio.

Why choose aluminum shell material?

1. As a metal shell, the aluminum shell has good heat dissipation conditions, strong structure, wear resistance, heat resistance, corrosion resistance, strong metal texture, high aesthetics in people's minds, and high UV protection level, which can be used for a long time. It does not become brittle outdoors.

2. Aluminum has better chemical properties; at room temperature, it can react with oxygen to form a dense aluminum oxide film on the surface of the aluminum shell, which can not only prevent the further oxidation of aluminum, but also produce resistance to the humid environment of agriculture, increasing equipment The use time saves costs.

Ultraviolet rays have an effect on the growth of plants. A moderate amount of ultraviolet rays can make the hairs grow and increase the chlorophyll, and the colors will be brighter. Long-term exposure to ultraviolet light has a stimulating effect on plants and can increase the yield of planted crops. If the seeds are exposed to ultraviolet light, it can also increase the chance of germination.

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