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Talking about the technical advantages of the dust monitoring system

by:Rika Sensors     2021-10-07
Talking about the technical advantages of the dust monitoring system
Nowadays, dust monitoring systems are used in digital urban management, smart cities, construction sites, garbage dumps, demolition sites, docks, industrial parks, communities, roads and other dust environment monitoring and monitoring centers; monitoring data indicators include dust concentration, indicators, and weather Elements, video images and meteorological parameters. And through the Internet of Things and cloud computing technology, real-time, remote and automatic monitoring of particle concentration, as well as on-site video and image collection, can be used for 24-hour real-time monitoring of on-site environmental data by staff and government departments at all levels. , To provide you with a one-stop shopping platform for Internet of Things products.

So what are the technical advantages of the dust monitoring system?

1. The monitoring terminal of the dust monitoring system-the dust monitor is mainly composed of the dust monitoring unit, the noise monitoring unit, the meteorological monitoring unit, the data acquisition and processing unit, the data transmission unit, the LED screen display unit, the solar power supply unit, and the video character It is composed of a superposition unit that integrates environmental parameters such as temperature, humidity, noise, PM2.5, PM10, wind speed, wind direction, wind force, atmospheric pressure, TSP, etc. Continuous monitoring 24 hours a day, providing on-site air quality data around the clock, and automatically starting monitoring equipment and alarming if the alarm value is exceeded. It has the characteristics of multi-parameter, real-time and intelligent.

2. Transmit and transmit data through the three major networks of sensor networks, wireless networks, and the Internet, and update real-time monitoring data quickly and conveniently;

3. Cloud computing-based data center platform-cloud platform, collecting The monitoring data of different regions and different periods has huge storage space. Multi-dimensional, cross-time data statistical analysis can be carried out, which is convenient for the orderly work of the management part. The platform can realize real-time monitoring, easy to view, alarm when data exceeds the standard, and can push alarm messages or emails to designated contacts. At the same time, the platform has a data recording function. Normal data and over-standard data can also be displayed in categories. The platform can perform site ranking and statistical analysis of data for each device, and provide strong support for the scheduling and decision-making of the competent departments at all levels. At the same time, it also accumulates data for the formulation of on-site environmental pollution control standards to promote long-term air pollution control.

4. Adopt free modular combination to flexibly increase or reduce different monitoring items according to unorganized pollution monitoring requirements. At the same time, the free modular combination can be used at any time if the core sensor fails and does not need to be repaired. The sensor can be replaced by oneself without affecting the normal operation of the whole equipment, which solves the problem of time-consuming and cost-consuming returning the whole machine to the factory when the traditional equipment fails.

At present, three major problems in the control of urban dust pollution are prominent:

1. There are few quality management personnel and the supervision ability is inadequate.

There are many aspects of project supervision and a serious shortage of supervisory personnel. At present, the methods of quality and safety supervision in the construction process of engineering projects basically adopt the methods of on-site random inspection, random testing, and acceptance in the construction site. There are shortcomings of high labor intensity, high risk, time-consuming and labor-intensive.

Second, the single management method of harsh environment supervision is inefficient.

The manual method is used to observe and inspect the scene by naked eyes, and the quality and safety supervision has the problems of harsh natural environment and low efficiency.

Three, real-time, multi-level management is difficult to achieve, and the traceability is poor

The existing management methods and enterprise management personnel cannot control the quality and safety of the construction site and the dust pollution in real time. The supervision and management work is complicated, and the results are greatly influenced by human factors. It is often impossible to objectively and impartially reflect the actual situation of the dust on the spot, and the traceability is poor.

It is precisely because of the maturity of monitoring technology, the improvement of functions and the increasing attention to the living environment that people can strengthen the monitoring of dust and noise on construction sites, and develop more intelligent and complete dust monitors and dust monitoring systems. During the dust monitoring, good results have been achieved.

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