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Technology Leads Educational Transformation, RikasensorTechnology Campus Weather Station Empowers Smart Campus Construction

Technology Leads Educational Transformation, RikasensorTechnology Campus Weather Station Empowers Smart Campus Construction


Technology Leads Educational Transformation, RikasensorTechnology Campus Weather Station Empowers Smart Campus Construction


With the continuous exploitation and consumption of the earth's resources by human beings, the earth's climate change has become exceptionally variable and unpredictable. This climate change has a great impact on human work and life, so the research, mastery and application of atmospheric science have reached unprecedented importance. At the same time, it has become particularly important to disseminate meteorological knowledge and educate young people about meteorological science.

Campus Weather Station_Environmental Weather Monitoring_Meteorological Monitoring_Campus Weather Monitoring System

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Campus weather station is a highlight of school teaching and research innovation. It can not only help students broaden their horizons, but also stimulate their interest and enthusiasm in natural science. Through the Campus Weather Station, students can learn more about meteorology and weather, as well as ecological related contents.

Campus Environment_Campus Monitoring_Weather Monitoring


Rika Campus Environment Monitoring Solution

Campus Weather Station is an important facility established in schools, which is used to monitor the information of various meteorological elements in the campus, including wind speed, wind direction, rain, snow, radiation, barometric pressure, and so on. These meteorological elements are important indicators to understand the climate conditions in the campus, and can provide real-time data about the weather for the educational authorities of the school.

Campus Weather Station_Meteorological Monitoring_Automatic Weather Station


Through the Campus Weather Station, students and teachers can gain a deeper understanding of climate change in nature and the impact of different weather elements on our daily lives. For example, students can observe and analyze the changes in wind direction and speed to understand the impact of different wind forces on pedestrians and vehicles. In addition, teachers and students can utilize the data from the campus weather station to learn and explore together the principles of rain and snow formation, as well as the propagation law of radiation.


Application System_Meteorological Management Platform_Transmission Layer_Sensing Layer_Data Layer_Cloud Platform

▲System Layout Layers


The data of Rikasensor campus weather station is uploaded and stored through the environmental monitoring cloud platform. This cloud platform allows centralized management and analysis of the data from campus weather stations for better understanding and prediction of weather changes.

Education authorities can access this cloud platform to get real-time weather data and integrate it into education and teaching. They can conduct scientific experiments, formulate safety measures, and carry out meteorological science activities based on the weather data.

Cloud Platform_Real-time Monitoring_Cloud Platform Testing_IoT Cloud Platform

▲Support cloud platform remote monitoring



Campus environment monitoring system structure composition

Rikasensor technology campus weather station is mainly composed of solar radiation sensor, wind speed / wind direction sensor, multi-element louver box, camera, power supply system, optional LED display, waterproof box and bracket.

Campus Weather Station_Weather Station Cloud Platform_Automatic Weather Station

▲System Topology



Temperature Monitoring_Temperature Monitoring System_Intelligent Temperature Monitoring_Rikasensor Environmental Monitoring

▲Can be matched with LED display


The system supports viewing real-time and ephemeral data in multiple terminals such as cell phones and computers, providing real-time monitoring and early warning services for school management, teachers and students, as well as providing targeted data support for management decision-making and command and scheduling.


Cloud Platform Interface_Rikasensor Card Cloud Platform

▲Cloud Platform Interface


Cloud Platform Interface_Rikasensor Cloud Platform

▲Remote data part of the interface display


A variety of brackets to choose from

Weather Station Bracket_Weather Station Bracket_Automatic Weather Station

Multiple Output Methods

Weather Station Multiple Output Methods_Weather Station_Small Weather Station

Rainfall Collection Information

Automatic Rainfall Collection_Rainfall Collection System_Rainfall Monitoring


Advantages of Campus Environment Monitoring System


Professional sensors, accurate real-time monitoring

Meteorological and environmental monitoring systems all adopt high-precision sensors with wide measuring range and high accuracy, ensuring excellent reliability, high precision and interchangeability of the products.


Free cloud platform, powerful functions

rikasensor`s self-developed cloud platform adopts a professional database, which is stable, reliable and easy to expand. The cloud platform can automatically collect monitoring data uploaded by campus monitoring stations, and display them on the platform's page side through GPS maps and lists to meet the user's demand for multi-dimensional and multi-level view of real-time monitoring information.


Simple wiring and easy maintenance

The whole system is designed with integrated hardware and software, and is highly integrated. The sensor equipment in the campus weather monitoring station can be inserted into any hole in the junction box, saving time and effort for installation.


All-in-one, on-demand configuration

Adopting the all-in-one campus monitoring station, the wind speed and wind direction sensors, atmospheric temperature and humidity pressure sensors and rainfall sensors in the campus monitoring station are mainly used to monitor wind speed and wind direction, total rainfall, instantaneous rainfall, daily rainfall, current rainfall and other elements.


A variety of automatic warning methods

The system supports a variety of alarm methods, such as telephone, SMS, on-site alarms, etc., to meet the needs of the majority of users, and can be flexibly set to report data intervals.


All-in-one Integration_Power Supply Integration_Free Cloud Platform_Waterproof Body_Language Alarm_Remote Control


System Features

System Features_Wireless Transmission_Low Power Consumption_Multi-End Synchronization_Support Large Screen

■ Support solar panel power supply

Can be used with solar panels and batteries for field measurements to solve power supply problems.


■ Good anti-vibration and lightning protection

Campus monitoring station has lightning, anti-interference and other protective measures, the use of derating, electromagnetic compatibility and other technologies, so that it is more adapted to a variety of harsh outdoor environments.


■ External national standard rain gauge  

The monitoring station can be externally connected to a tipping bucket rain gauge. The rain gauge has high protection level, and the barrel is not easy to be deformed. In line with the national standard requirements to bear the rain caliber of 200mm, precision: ± 2%, the mouth edge of the barrel is edge-shaped, edge angle of 44 °.


■ Three power supply options

The monitoring station supports three types of power supply, respectively, 220V utility power supply, solar power supply system + battery power supply, dual power supply, to ensure that the equipment can work normally and uninterruptedly in poor conditions.


1-channel ModBus-RTU master interface

The monitoring station has a ModBus-RTU master interface, can be connected to the transmitter, can monitor the total rainfall, instantaneous rainfall, daily rainfall, current rainfall and other elements.


■ One-pole integrated alignment

Campus monitoring station pole body micro-connecting hole design, all the equipment in the pole alignment, can effectively avoid ultraviolet rays and birds and insects on the equipment line caused by damage. The bottom of the pole is equipped with an access port, which is not only convenient for maintenance, but also supports the wiring of power supply and soil sensors.



Rikasensor free cloud platform cloud platform_Automatic monitoring_Internet of Things cloud platform

Platform Specific Functions


Management of a map

A map of the system can provide statistics and visualization of equipment status, type distribution, usage, energy consumption distribution, alarm information, etc., which is convenient for quick management, viewing and positioning.


Real-time data display

Wind speed and direction, rainfall and other parameters of real-time data chart display, and its records, analysis, chart curve visualization display.


Data Analysis

Summarize and classify the data, and draw corresponding data analysis charts according to different application scenarios of the data, including pie charts, line graphs, bar charts, etc., which can be queried, exported and other operations.


Early warning management

The monitoring equipment can set the warning threshold, the value exceeds the threshold triggers the warning, according to the warning threshold, can be multi-level warning, there are SMS, e-mail and other forms of warning.

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