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Temperature and humidity monitoring of vaccine cold chain transportation

by:Rika Sensors     2021-10-22
Temperature and humidity monitoring of vaccine cold chain transportation
Vaccines are biological preparations made of bacteria, viruses, tumor cells, etc. that can make the body produce specific immunity. Vaccination is the most effective measure to control infectious diseases. A vaccine is a biological product with biological activity. If the temperature is too high, the biological activity will become ineffective. Therefore, cold chain transportation must be used during transportation.

In a blink of an eye, the epidemic has been raging for nearly eight months. During this period, due to the government's compulsory regulation, the domestic epidemic has been basically controlled, and the research and development of vaccines is about to be completed. On August 23, Zhang Yuntao, vice president of China National Biotechnology Corporation, introduced the company's vaccine research and development progress. Currently, the vaccine is undergoing clinical trials in many countries around the world. Zhang Yuntao said: The vaccine is likely to be launched by the end of this year. After the launch, the new crown vaccine production workshops of the company’s two research institutes in Beijing and Wuhan will be put into use, and the annual output will be A total of 220 million doses.

The vaccine is about to be officially put into use, which is indeed an exciting thing. However, in the face of such large quantities of vaccines, transportation has become a new problem. The country has made great efforts in the construction of the cold chain system in medicine, but we still have many shortcomings compared with Europe and the United States. In the final stage of the fight against the epidemic, we must not pull our hips on the cold chain system. Because many people are still at the stage of refrigerated trucks for the cold chain system, the following editor will give you a detailed explanation of the working principle of the cold chain system and what equipment it consists of.

Cold chain transportation is not limited to transportation methods, but must ensure compliance with national standards, the temperature and humidity remain unchanged throughout the process, the temperature and humidity recorder is used to monitor the temperature at any time, and the monitoring terminal is uploaded to the supervision cloud platform.

Monitoring terminal: Embedded temperature and humidity recorder (4G type) RS-YS-4G-A-LY
The temperature and humidity recorder has a built-in Swiss original temperature and humidity measurement unit, which has excellent measurement performance and strong The anti-interference ability of the vaccine can automatically accurately monitor the temperature and humidity changes in the vaccine storage environment.
The measurement point data is updated every 2 seconds during the operation of the equipment (CFDA requires at least 1 minute). On the one hand, the data Through the built-in LCD display, on the one hand, it is uploaded to the remote monitoring platform through 4G communication;

The temperature and humidity recorder adopts a button design, through the button we can set the normal data storage interval and the alarm data storage interval, these two The storage time interval is 1 minute by factory default, but the device supports setting between 0 and 1999 minutes, so in the vaccine storage, we can modify various storage time intervals by pressing keys or sending SMS.

Most vaccines are required to be stored in an environment of 2~8℃. If the temperature and humidity of the monitoring vaccine storage environment exceed or fall below this limit, the storage interval of the temperature and humidity recorder will automatically change from the normal data. The storage interval is switched to the alarm data storage interval, and the data storage interval will become faster. At the same time, the added person in charge (1~5) will be sent to inform the temperature and humidity of exceeding the limit in the form of a text message. If you are near the freezer where the vaccine is stored, The alarm sound from the recorder itself can be clearly heard.

The recorder has a built-in large memory chip, which can store up to 65,000 sets of data.
The recorder has GPS automatic positioning function and can directly interact with satellites to obtain the current latitude and longitude and accurate time. Whether in vaccine delivery or after the vaccine delivery is completed, vaccine manufacturers, consignees, or supervision departments can log on to the cloud platform and view the real-time transportation trajectory and historical transportation trajectory of the transportation vehicle through the map.
When the vehicle arrives at the destination, the driver can directly connect the 4G embedded temperature and humidity recorder to the printer via Bluetooth, and print out the entire transportation data through the printer, and hand it over to the consignee together with the goods.

Remote monitoring center: medical monitoring cloud platform
This platform is a remote monitoring software developed, which is the management center for monitoring the temperature and humidity monitoring system of drug storage. It supports web pages, mobile apps, and WeChat Various login methods such as official accounts, the interface is completely neutral, supports multi-level access, supports customers to add sub-accounts, users can log in to the back office with their accounts anytime and anywhere, check the real-time data of the drug warehouse, query, download, and print historical data, etc. .
4G Embedded Vaccine Cold Chain Temperature and Humidity Online Monitoring System is in compliance with Article 21 of '2017 Version of 'Vaccine Storage and Transportation Management Regulations': The temperature and humidity records during vaccine storage and transportation can be paper or can The electronic format for reading, the temperature and humidity records must be kept until the vaccine’s validity period exceeds 2 years for future reference.

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