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Temperature and humidity monitoring program for medical cold chain transportation

by:Rika Sensors     2021-10-25
Temperature and humidity monitoring program for medical cold chain transportation
In recent years, the biopharmaceutical industry has developed rapidly, and there has been a large market gap in the cold chain logistics of pharmaceuticals, and the operations are relatively mixed. Since the use of refrigerated medicines covers all parts of the country, refrigerated trucks play a great role in the cold chain logistics of medicines, but they have great limitations for small batches and scattered delivery areas. The traditional method is to use various cold-chain incubators plus cold storage agents for heat preservation measures, and use express delivery to realize cold chain transportation and distribution. However, due to the uneven quality of incubators in the market and the different thermal insulation properties, the cold chain transportation of medicines cannot be reliably guaranteed at temperature, and there are hidden dangers in the safety of refrigerated medicines. According to relevant documents issued by the Food and Drug Administration, such as 'Pharmaceutical Business Quality Management RegulationsThe standardized temperature and humidity monitoring program for incubators and refrigerated trucks ensures the safety of refrigerated medicines.

This program is mainly composed of a special incubator for cold chain transportation and a built-in cold chain temperature and humidity recorder. The incubator with the temperature and humidity recorder can record data in real time and upload the data to the cloud platform, which can be viewed by multiple parties on the computer and mobile phone. When arriving at the destination, the data during transportation can be printed out and sent to the receiver for viewing.

1. Special incubator for cold chain transportation

The newly upgraded intelligent refrigeration artifact, the special incubator for cold chain transportation, adds GSM-GPRS to the traditional incubator (GPS optional) module. Through the GPRS network, directly transmit the temperature and humidity data in the refrigerator to the monitoring server. It is suitable for transportation of emergency medicines, blood, reagents, refrigerated medicines, etc. for disease control, chain pharmacies, hospitals, and pharmaceutical wholesale companies.

2. Embedded incubator recorder

RS-YS-4G-LY Bluetooth printing temperature recorder is based on the 'Medical Device Cold Chain ( The temperature recorder developed by 'Management Guide for Transportation and Storage' only needs a SIM card to upload the collected temperature and humidity data to the cloud server (cloud platform) through the network base station. The device has the function of directly connecting to a Bluetooth printer, which can directly print data, and can set the time interval for local storage during transportation. When the temperature exceeds the limit (settable), it can automatically switch to the overrun recording interval (settable).

Product features:

1. Using liquid crystal display, the measuring point data is updated every 2 seconds during the operation of the equipment (CFDA requires at least 1 minute)

2, every 1- -60 minutes (can be set, the default is 1 minute) upload data (CFDA requires at least every 5 minutes)

3, temperature and humidity accuracy can be calibrated with a password

4, the device can achieve temperature exceeding the upper limit or Lower limit alarm, with sound and light alarm and SMS alarm function. When alarming, SMS alarm information can be sent to 1-5 people (CFDA requires at least 2).

5. The device can automatically locate the movement track by GPS, which can be used for mobile devices. The route is clearer and clearer.

6. Using the original Swiss temperature and humidity measurement unit, the measurement accuracy is high, and the anti-interference ability is strong.

Three, support two data printing methods

Method 1: Equipment The direct key printing device can directly print out the data during transportation by pressing the key without inserting the mobile phone card, but the data will not be recorded in the background, and SMS alarm can not be realized, and the device printing data can only print the data during the transportation.

Method 2: The device needs to insert a SIM card to print the device through the app network, and upload data to the cloud server through the SIM card flow. Customers can query real-time data, historical data, and graphs from the computer, and export them.

Four. Preparation before transportation

1. Place the incubator in the cold storage for 30-60 minutes, turn on the temperature and humidity recorder to see if the screen shows whether the cold storage temperature is reached! 2. If the user does not have a cold storage, he can also use the ice row in the box to refrigerate, take out the ice row after freezing for 12 hours, release the cold at room temperature for 15 to 30 minutes, and test the surface temperature of the ice row with the temperature and humidity recorder probe. After the temperature on the screen of the recorder reaches the required temperature of 2 degrees or more, the box can be packed. Multi-point testing is required to ensure that the ice discharge temperature is accurate! 3. Put the isolation board or tin foil paper to isolate the ice tray from the medicine box; after closing the lid, place the box under normal temperature for 15 to 30 minutes, and observe the temperature of the recorder. After it meets the cold chain standard, it can be loaded and dispatched. Goods!

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