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Temperature and humidity monitoring solutions for planting and breeding industries

by:Rika Sensors     2021-10-22
Temperature and humidity monitoring solutions for planting and breeding industries

1. Project background

Temperature and humidity, as an important parameter index for environmental monitoring of aquaculture and planting industry, play an important role in the stable development of aquaculture and planting industry.

The temperature of the farm has a certain auxiliary effect on the production of poultry. The change of humidity affects the evaporative and non-evaporative heat dissipation of the body. Through the integrated control system, the automatic temperature and humidity parameters can be realized. Regulation and control create a healthy and comfortable growth environment for livestock and achieve better economic benefits.

The development of modern greenhouses has led to the regularization of off-season planting. Parameters such as temperature and humidity in the greenhouse will directly affect plant respiration, root absorption, and transpiration. How to scientifically adjust the temperature and humidity parameters is an important part of ensuring the growth of crops in the greenhouse.

Second, program introduction

In response to changes in temperature and humidity data in greenhouses and farms, the GPRS-c5 temperature and humidity monitoring system is launched , The system mainly uses GPRS-c5 temperature and humidity recorder, monitors temperature and humidity data based on GPRS/4G transmission, and uploads the collected temperature and humidity data to the server through the network base station. The monthly flow of GPRS/4G communication is less than 30M. The equipment is connected to the special temperature and humidity data monitoring platform (Huinong Cloud Assistant) provided by our company for the planting industry and aquaculture industry. You only need to open WeChat and scan and follow the steps to add equipment, so as to monitor the temperature and humidity in the planting shed and breeding farm anytime and anywhere According to the data changes, users can adjust the temperature and humidity parameters in time according to the monitoring data to ensure a good environment for agricultural production (crops, poultry, livestock).

Three, equipment information

Low power consumption GPRS temperature and humidity transmitter (dust-proof housing)

Model: RS-WS-GPRS/4G-C5

GPRS/4G transmission

RS-WS-GPRS/4G-C5 is a temperature and humidity transmission based on GPRS/4G transmission A free flow card is provided, and the collected temperature and humidity data can be uploaded to the server through the network base station. The monthly flow of GPRS/4G communication is less than 30M.

Strong ability to adapt to the environment

Alarms can be realized in ultra-high, low temperature, high and low humidity. The equipment sensor has the characteristics of high measurement accuracy and strong anti-interference ability. It is anti-corrosion in harsh environments such as chicken coops, ensuring the excellent measurement performance of the product.

Industry application

The equipment is widely used in breeding, planting, and animal husbandry industries.

Product advantages

Transmission mode

The equipment comes with a large LCD display, and the value display is clear. It adopts GPRS/4G transmission mode, no on-site wiring and no distance limitation.

Multiple alarm methods

Built-in alarm function, which can set the upper and lower limits of the alarm and calibration settings, and can also perform SMS, WeChat, and email alarms.

Long battery life

The device has low power consumption and longer battery life. The maximum time of GPRS type can be as long as 60 days (4G version can reach 40 days). The temperature and humidity values u200bu200band battery power can be viewed online in real time.

Free service

A free data card is provided to connect to our free WeChat platform of Hui Nong Assistant. The WeChat platform can convert historical data into curves, view historical environmental conditions, bind multiple people to the same device, and multiple people monitor the current environment. When the device is offline or the temperature and humidity exceed the limit, the corresponding alarm can be pushed to the mobile phone or to the WeChat interface.

Two probes are available

Two probes can be selected: built-in hardcover probe or external probe with a cable length of 30 meters (optional). A variety of antennas are available, with an antenna length of 5 meters (optional).

Four. System framework

System topology diagram

Five. Huinong cloud assistant< /p>


Alarm function: When the power is off, the temperature of the incoming call is too high or too low, the device will alert in time by WeChat, phone, SMS, no matter when, where, what In the environment, as long as there is a mobile phone signal, it can be answered.

Data collection function: The equipment automatically collects and records the temperature and humidity data in the house once in 3-5 minutes, and the data can be stored for two years.

Data viewing function: real-time WeChat intervention to view temperature and humidity data and power outages.

Curve drawing function: drawing the temperature and humidity curve, real-time and clear view of the data, to help you find out the breeding loopholes in time, the curve data is stored for two years and can be viewed at any time.

Sharing function: One mobile phone can manage multiple devices, and one device can add multiple contacts, simultaneously receive early warning information, and view temperature and humidity curves.

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