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Temperature and humidity monitoring system helps off-season vegetable greenhouses

by:Rika Sensors     2021-08-27
Temperature and humidity monitoring system helps off-season vegetable greenhouses

With the development of society and economy, the improvement of people's living standards and the enhancement of health awareness, the demand for vegetables is also increasing. Vegetables are an indispensable non-staple food in people's lives. They are rich in nutrients needed by the human body and maintain the normal metabolism of the human body. In order to meet the market's demand for different vegetables, more and more farmers choose to plant off-season vegetables.

Off-season vegetable cultivation uses greenhouses, large sheds, small arch sheds and other facilities. Compared with natural growth, the microclimate of crop growth has changed significantly; the temperature and humidity in the shed increase, the light intensity is obviously weakened, and the crop is growing. , Appearance and corresponding pests and diseases have undergone many changes.

In the normal development of vegetable crops, factors such as temperature, light, moisture, nutrients and air are needed. In off-season production, no matter which link factor can be ignored, we will mainly talk to you about temperature today. Humidity needs attention in the off-season greenhouse.

Take tomato as an example:

Because of the influence of the conditions of the place of origin, the tomato has the habit of loving temperature, frost, light, and heat. Therefore, in spring and autumn, the climate is warm and light. It grows well and yields high under strong conditions. Under the conditions of high temperature and rain in summer or low temperature and low sunshine in winter, the growth is weak, the disease is severe, and the yield is low. 1 Requirements for temperature The optimum temperature for tomato growth and development is 20-25℃ during the day and 15-18℃ at night. The growth is affected when the temperature reaches 33°C, the growth stops when it reaches 40°C, and high temperature hazards occur when the temperature reaches 45°C. The temperature drops below 10°C and grows slowly, and it stops growing at 5qc: Tomato freeze-to-death temperature is minus 1-2°C, but different cultivation conditions and cultivation techniques are different, and its cold tolerance and lethal temperature also change.

Tomato has luxuriant branches and leaves, large transpiration, and large water demand. Usually, the relative humidity of the soil is 65%-85% and the relative humidity of the air is 50%-65%.

The temperature of the off-season vegetable greenhouse is not higher, it is more suitable for the growth of vegetables, and the maximum temperature of different vegetables will also be different, if the maximum temperature is exceeded, the growth of vegetables will be inhibited and the fruit will be broken. At the same time, if the temperature is too high, it will also affect the respiration of the plant, resulting in an imbalance of vegetative growth and reproductive growth, resulting in reduced production.

With the rapid development of sensor technology, temperature and humidity sensors have replaced manual manual measurements in the past. Widely used in greenhouses, it can accurately monitor the temperature and humidity in the greenhouses to ensure that the environment in the greenhouses is suitable for vegetable growth.

RS-WS-GPRS-6GPRS temperature and humidity transmission recorder is mainly used to monitor the air temperature and humidity changes in the greenhouse. It adopts the original Swiss temperature and humidity measurement unit, which has high measurement accuracy and strong anti-interference ability. Features. The temperature and humidity monitoring ranges are -40℃~+80℃ and 0%RH~100%RH. The wall-mounted shell can be wall-mounted and installed in the sunshade with good air circulation in greenhouses, greenhouses and other environments; it can be installed during outdoor monitoring. Outdoor weather monitoring is carried out together with the agricultural weather station in the louver box;

Using large-screen LCD display, with dual control of temperature and humidity upper and lower limits, free setting of limits, temperature and humidity calibration by password And other functions, using GPRS transmission mode, no on-site wiring, no distance limitation, internal integrated alarm function module (buzzer and relay), can achieve ultra-high, low temperature, high and low humidity alarm. Built-in storage function, can store 65,000, after the communication is restored, the stored data will be automatically resumed; wide-voltage power supply or built-in backup battery power supply two power supply modes.

The temperature and humidity transmission recorder can meet the functions of real-time monitoring of temperature and humidity data, over-limit alarm, data collection, and data uploading. At the same time, the data can be uploaded to the environmental monitoring cloud platform or RS- The RJ-K platform analyzes the temperature and humidity data of the greenhouse, exports reports, displays data curves, and can archive and print charts or reports, and can also be viewed anytime and anywhere on the mobile phone. Fully meet the function of the greenhouse monitoring temperature and humidity system.

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