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Temperature and humidity recorder: small and 'complete with all internal organs'

by:Rika Sensors     2021-10-22
Temperature and humidity recorder: small and 'complete with all internal organs'

Temperature and humidity are two important environmental factors closely related to people’s lives. Food storage and transportation, medical and health facilities, agriculture, forestry and animal husbandry, building materials experiments, museums and other scenes all have temperature and humidity measurements. Therefore, It is of great significance to design temperature and humidity recording equipment that meets people's needs.

The temperature and humidity recorder measures the temperature and humidity parameters and stores them in the internal memory at a predetermined time interval. After the recording function is completed, it is connected to the terminal. An instrument that uses adapted software to extract the stored data and analyze it according to its value and time.

The appearance of the temperature and humidity recorder is small and exquisite, but regardless of its compactness, its functions are very comprehensive.

GSP certification standard

What is GSP? GSP is the English abbreviation of 'Pharmaceutical Business Quality Management Regulations'. It is a set of management procedures for controlling all possible quality accidents in the circulation of pharmaceutical products to prevent quality accidents. It is a unified quality management standard for pharmaceutical companies.

The temperature and humidity recorder adopts Swiss imported chips and imported high-precision sensors. It has been calibrated by the Provincial Institute of Metrology and conforms to GSP certification standards. Let me popularize it again. The temperature accuracy of the ordinary model is about 0.2°C and the humidity accuracy is about 2%RH, but the high-precision model has a temperature accuracy of about 0.1°C and the humidity accuracy of about 1.5%RH.

High measurement accuracy

The recorder has a built-in high-precision temperature and humidity sensor, which is accurate in measurement and has a small annual drift, which avoids data caused by inaccurate measurement data Missing or inaccurate records bring direct or indirect economic losses.

Built-in battery and over-limit alarm

The built-in battery of the recorder is a rechargeable lithium battery, 2500mAh large-capacity high-energy battery, one charge can be used continuously Years, and the maximum number of cycles of charging and discharging the battery is 1200 times.

The temperature and humidity recorder has a built-in buzzer, which has the function of over-limit alarm, and can set the temperature and humidity online and offline alarm values, When the limit is exceeded, the device will automatically send out an audible and visual alarm, and the recording frequency can be automatically changed when the alarm is reached to ensure that the recorded data truly reflects environmental changes.

At the same time, the recorder is equipped with a large-size LCD screen, which can display real-time temperature and humidity values, extreme temperature and humidity values, and select the temperature The unit is Celsius and Fahrenheit.

Export data can be stored

The temperature and humidity recorder has a storage function. The data can store 260,000 pieces of data, which can be expanded to 2.08 million pieces of data. Connect the computer through the USB cable and use the supporting software to export the data stored in the device to the computer in RXCEL, TXT, PDF and other formats, which facilitates subsequent report production and data analysis.

Wide application scenarios

Temperature and humidity recorder is mainly used to monitor and record food, medicine, chemical products and other products The temperature and humidity data in the storage and transportation process are widely used in various links of the warehousing and logistics cold chain, such as refrigerated containers, refrigerated trucks, refrigerated packages, cold storage, laboratories, etc.

COS-03-X USB temperature and humidity recorder perfectly has all the above features. In addition, the temperature and humidity recorder also provides free multi-function software, users can Modify the recording interval, alarm interval, alarm delay, timing start and stop, button sound, upper and lower limits of temperature and humidity through software, which is convenient and quick to use.

Temperature and humidity recorder: Don't look at me as 'small

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