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Temperature and humidity sensor detection system

by:Rika Sensors     2021-11-08


Sensor-a device or device that can feel the specified measurement and convert it into a usable output signal according to a certain rule. Usually composed of sensitive components and conversion components. The simplest sensor is composed of a sensitive element (and conversion element), which directly outputs electricity when it is measured, such as thermal resistance, thermocouple, etc. Sensing technology-research on the materials, design, process, performance and application of sensors.

Comprehensive technology:

Sensing technology is an edge technology, which involves the research and development of physics, mathematics, chemistry, and materials for its sensitive components. In addition to the research and development of its chips, great attention should be paid to the packaging of sensors. Process and packaging structure research, which is often cited

It is one of the key factors that the sensor cannot work stably and reliably. The role of sensors is increasingly recognized by the industry, science and technology, and leading decision-making departments. This is because sensing technology is one of the three major components of information technology.

1. Temperature sensor, transmitter Temperature sensor

Transmitter, including simple thermal resistance/thermocouple, end face thermal resistance/thermocouple, thermal socket thermal resistance, full thread thermal resistance, movable ferrule flange thermal resistance, movable ferrule threaded thermal resistance, fixed thread Thermal resistance, fixed flange/movable flange thermal resistance, sanitary temperature sensor, non-standard thermal resistance, compression spring thermal resistance, armored thermal resistance/thermocouple, assembled thermal resistance/thermocouple, thermal resistance/thermoelectric for power station Couple, wear-resistant thermocouple, anti-corrosion thermal resistance/thermocouple, right-angle elbow thermal resistance/thermocouple, bearing thermocouple, boiler fireplace thermocouple, blowing thermocouple, multi-point thermocouple, hot blast stove thermocouple, magnesium liquid thermocouple Couple, zinc liquid thermocouple, aluminum liquid thermocouple, salt bath furnace thermocouple, strong acid and strong alkali resistance thermocouple, carbon factory thermocouple, copper factory thermocouple, portable thermocouple, thermal jacket thermocouple, plastic mechanical thermocouple, Furnace top thermocouple, high temperature thermocouple, high temperature and high pressure thermocouple, special thermocouple for cracking furnace, furnace tube knife edge thermocouple, non-standard thermocouple, integrated digital display temperature transmitter, etc.; various types of temperature transmitters, guide rails Install temperature transmitter, fully isolated temperature transmitter.

2. Temperature and humidity sensor, transmitter

For general environment: integrated temperature and humidity transmitter, duct temperature and humidity transmitter, split temperature and humidity transmitter, digital temperature and humidity transmitter;

For special environment: high temperature temperature and humidity transmitter, high temperature humidity measuring device, high humidity special temperature and humidity transmitter, low humidity special temperature and humidity transmitter, pressure-resistant temperature

Humidity transmitter, anti-corrosion temperature and humidity transmitter, explosion-proof temperature and humidity transmitter, industry-specific temperature and humidity transmitter, non-standard temperature and humidity transmitter, etc.

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