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Temperature and humidity transmitter wiring diagram

by:Rika Sensors     2021-11-11
Temperature and humidity transmitter wiring diagram
A temperature and humidity transmitter is a transmitter device equipped with humidity and heat sensitive components that can be used to measure temperature and humidity, some with on-site display, and some without on-site display. Temperature and humidity transmitters are widely used in various fields of production and life due to their small size and stable performance. In the industry, analog type and RS485 type are the most commonly used, so what is their wiring method?

Analog type temperature and humidity transmitter

The temperature and humidity transmitter uses a digital integrated sensor as a probe and is equipped with a digital processing circuit to convert the temperature and relative humidity in the environment to the corresponding Corresponding standard analog signal, 4-20mA, 0-5V or 0-10V. It has the characteristics of small size, light weight, wide range, etc., making it widely used in meteorology, national defense, scientific research, post and telecommunications, chemical industry, environmental protection, medicine, hotels, food and other materials storage, HVAC, etc. The area where temperature and humidity are measured and controlled.

Wiring instructions:

When using an analog temperature and humidity transmitter, pay attention to ensure that the wiring is correct. Any wrong wiring may cause irreversible damage to the transmitter.

Output interface wiring:

The standard configuration of the equipment is with 2 independent analog output, as shown in the table. At the same time adapt to the two-wire system and the four-wire system.

1. Two-wire system: the method of connecting a wire at both ends of the thermal resistance to lead out the resistance signal is called the two-wire system: this kind of lead method is very simple, but there must be lead resistance due to the connecting wire. , The size of r is related to the material and length of the wire, so this lead method is only suitable for occasions with low measurement accuracy

2, three-wire system: connect one end of the root of the thermal resistance The method of connecting two leads to the other end is called three-wire system. This method is usually used in conjunction with a bridge, which can better eliminate the influence of lead resistance and is the most commonly used in industrial process control

p>3. Four-wire system: the method of connecting two wires at each end of the thermal resistance is called four-wire system, in which two leads provide a constant current I for the thermal resistance, convert R into a voltage signal U, and then pass The other two leads lead U to the secondary meter. It can be seen that this lead method can completely eliminate the influence of lead resistance and is mainly used for high-precision temperature detection.

Wiring attention:

1. Check carefully to make sure that the wiring is correct, then turn on the DC24V power supply, and measure the corresponding current or voltage when measuring with a multimeter.

2. If you want to disassemble the transmitter, you must disconnect the power first, and then disassemble.

Type 485 temperature and humidity transmitter

The circuit uses a microprocessor chip and a temperature sensor to ensure the reliability, stability and interchangeability of the product. Adopt particle sintered probe sheath, the probe is directly connected with the shell. The output signal type is RS485, which can reliably carry out distributed monitoring with the host computer system, and can communicate with the maximum distance of 2000 meters. The standard modbus protocol supports secondary development.

Wiring instructions: power supply and 485 signal

Wide voltage power input 10~30V can be used. When wiring the 485 signal wire, pay attention to the two wires A and B that cannot be reversed, and the addresses of multiple devices on the bus cannot be conflicted.

Wiring diagram:

When we buy a regular temperature transmitter, it usually comes with a manual. There is a temperature transmitter wiring diagram on it. Just follow the installation. If not, just Ask professionals to know about the installation, so as to avoid malfunctions that are not caused by product quality.

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