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The 14th Five-Year Plan is officially launched. What kind of development will the dust environmental monitoring system get?

by:Rika Sensors     2021-09-27
The 14th Five-Year Plan is officially launched. What kind of development will the dust environmental monitoring system get?
According to relevant department interviews, environmental monitoring capabilities will be comprehensively improved during the '14th Five-Year Plan' period.

Currently, the ecological environment monitoring work is still facing problems such as the unification of a unified ecological environment monitoring system, insufficient refined support for pollution prevention and control, regulations and standards to be improved, data quality still to be improved, and guarantees are still insufficient.

In response to unresolved environmental governance and pollution prevention issues, relevant government leaders made the following speeches: The '14th Five-Year' monitoring plan will focus on rationalizing monitoring systems and mechanisms, optimizing ecological environment monitoring networks, and deepening monitoring services. We will make efforts to improve the national, regional, and local monitoring capabilities and levels, and effectively support the upgraded version of pollution prevention and control battles.

Judging from the above speeches and recent government statements, compared with the 13th Five-Year Plan period, the heat for environmental governance has not fallen but increased. That is to say, the 'Blue Sky Defense' of the two sessions in 2017 has ended. , But a new round of dust environmental control policies will soon be implemented. When we are carrying out urban construction, in addition to specific planning, we still need to pay attention to the use of dust monitoring equipment.

The significance of dust monitoring in today's society

The dust monitoring system was originally designed to save manpower and material resources, improve accuracy, and provide historical data support for on-site processing and administrative law enforcement. With the further development of science and technology, the dust monitoring system gradually began to improve, supplemented with effective real-time monitoring technology and quantitative supervision methods, supplemented the total particulate matter verification method and basis, and provided big data support early warning analysis for further environmental governance.

Functions of the dust monitoring system

The dust monitoring system continuously monitors the environment and uploads data in real time. The main monitoring items are inhalable particulate matter, which can be divided into sensing layer, transmission layer and application layer according to different functions.

The fugitive dust monitoring system is mainly used for online fugitive dust, environmental protection, weather stations, tunnels and other online fugitive dust monitoring of unorganized smoke and dust pollution source emissions and residential areas, commercial areas, road traffic, construction areas, etc.; ambient air quality Online real-time automatic monitoring, and can obtain evidence through the camera; the real-time data obtained from the weather station monitoring and the tunnel subway station can be timely transmitted to the environmental monitoring through the wired or wireless network for easy management and control.

The perception layer and the transmission layer are video surveillance systems, noise surveillance systems, meteorological systems, data acquisition systems, and communication systems. Because these two items have been described a lot in the previous article, today we will focus on the application layer, which is the dust monitoring cloud platform.

Flying dust monitoring cloud platform

Flying dust monitoring cloud platform is an environmental monitoring platform deployed in the cloud, which can solve the inconvenience of customers' self-built servers without public IP, external network attacks, cumbersome routine maintenance, frequent power outages, etc. , The cloud platform can realize the functions of real-time data viewing, historical data viewing, exporting, and various methods of alarming.

The cloud platform can simultaneously monitor the real-time information of 16 environmental factors such as temperature, humidity, noise, light, PM10, PM2.5, wind speed, wind direction, and atmospheric pressure. The interface is simple and can monitor data changes in real time. The unique equipment visualization and large-screen visualization design page is convenient for supervisors to monitor. You can view multiple monitoring locations, automatically bounce the alarm box, and quickly find alarms and offline devices. The map displays the location of the device. The coordinate points of the problem device can quickly change color, and the problem device can be quickly found on the map. It has a comprehensive analysis interface to quickly summarize the problems of the monitoring environment.

The cloud platform can be connected to a surveillance camera to view specific changes in the monitored construction site environment in real time. Support historical data, alarm data export, in line with government archiving requirements. With a ranking interface for equipment monitoring environment, you can view the quality of the environment in multiple locations.

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