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The application of campus weather stations

by:Rika Sensors     2020-09-07

any human beings on the earth's resources mining and consumption
, the earth's climate is fickle. Climate change is closely related with the work and life of human beings has had a huge impact, human of atmospheric science research, grasp and use has been referred to a new level, meteorological knowledge dissemination of teenagers, meteorological science education and the corresponding important position. Campus weather stations can be as a school teaching and research equipment. More and more schools began attaches great importance to the campus climate science work.

campus weather station can monitor the campus wind speed, wind direction, rainfall, radiation, pressure and other meteorological information! Through these meteorological information, to provide climate data support for the campus, such as outdoor activities, students dress! Can through the campus weather stations monitoring factors to provide Suggestions, after the reform and opening up, especially in recent years, campus weather stations rise again. Now campus weather station has been successfully applied in the primary and secondary schools, colleges and universities and the national defense education, etc. Meteorological science education and the teaching classes of reasonable arrangement and to provide scientific and rational number basis.

pure clear campus weather stations, helps to broaden the student's field of vision, inspire the students' learning interest and enthusiasm of natural science, learn more knowledge of weather the weather, and ecology, to master to cope with natural weather disaster situation of protective measures, also can through to understand the status of the environment to understand the importance of protecting the environment, the other students through the contact science weather stations on campus, can let students understand the traditional artificial equipment and working principle of the modern automatic observation equipment and method, make students have a comprehensive understanding for meteorological knowledge not only, still can learn the knowledge of meteorological disasters.

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